eArche - Flexible Solar Panel For Every Surface

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Flexible Solar Panel For Every Surface


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Hunter's comment

Installing solar panel on many buildings and industries were difficult due to complexity in their structure. But with eArche, the problems had been solved.

eArche is an innovative thin and flexible solar panel developed by Sunman Energy that can be used to install in any surfaces including building facades, top of electric caravans, trains, cars and buses to charge them.

eArche price is similar to other solar panels but are very cheap to install than others. The panels can be custom made according to your needs.

eArche is a super flexible and ultra-thin solar panel that can be stretched along any exterior. Its applications include but are not limited to buildings facades, automobile mobile roofs and mobile power station.

Watch this video to know more about eARche:




Hunter: @leoumesh


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Great hunt @leoumesh! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Hey @urbangladiator thankx for your approval🙂

This is a great advancement in solar panels. We can install panels at any surface even it's curved or flat.

Thankx mate @aamirijaz. Your work ensures that the time I have dedicated in searching and writing about this gadget has not been lost. Appreciate it :)

I love solar panels and this hunt is making solar panels much more convenient for all kind of surfaces thanks for sharing mate

Welcome mate and thanks for your comment :)

A very interesting project that is using the solar panel and will save energy and of course money to much

A flexible solar panel is really a cool invention. It can be adjusted on any surface. This is good for them who want to install it on their home balcony. And they can install it on their wall too. If not on the front side but it can be installed on the back side of the home.

Now this is revolutionary. Solar panels used to be bulky, hard and heavy, but eArche is totally different. Now it can be easily installed, shaped and designed to match the architect's building designs. Great hunt.

That's a very nice innovation. Roofs are not always "normal", with this solar system there are no worries about them not fitting. Well done @leoumesh

The inventions around the topic solar are getting better and better. The Flexible Solar Panel gives new impetus to ideas where it can be used everywhere. The solar energy costs nothing and protects the environment, very good hunt.

This type of flexibility can enable fixing on any kind of surfaces like vertical face, inclined face or a flat face and thereby making it utilized in all types of building. Excellent hunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Hi @leoumesh, Great hunt and introduction of "eArche" with us. There is no doubt the the current time need more and latest technology. Solar technology is most popular and much useful now a days. I this this product perfect due to its flexibility and fit this solar panel at every place and any type of surface.

Ok... this is something. Now you can put this on every surface, no matter the shape. Beeing thin is an excelent thing.

Cool Hunt Dear !


1- I think its a great hunt, this is the technology era and everyone needs innovative products, so here it is eArche.
2- This Solar can be install anywhere.
3- This is also a cheap but Quality wise its really good.
4- So he can produce energy for you and very flexible and user friendly.
5- Looks like good for anyone and anywhere, and very versatile and efficient.


1- None

Hey, @leoumesh you found a smart product which is very effective and flexible to use overall great hunt

Nice idea, Many people want to install a solar panel in their building. But they can't because of the surface. Now the problem has solved. This solar panel can be installed on any surface.

This product with a very high target in smart panel systems. The solution to the product indicates that the pictures will be very useful for the world. Renewable energy sources will become more popular in the future.

A very advanced and flexible solar panel, that fits to any structure and solve many problems!!
Good hunt!

Wow. This will make the panel usable on alomost all places .. Generating electricity I'm efficiency

I saw a similar hunt a few days ago but when I checked eArche's features, this one is better than it. Great job.

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Flexible solar panels will allow for an even wider use of solar panels which is good news.

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