Jaywalk - Get rewarded for walking, sharing content and interacting

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Get rewarded for walking, sharing content and interacting



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With this great app I found, you can get rewarded for your walking activities and spend or redeem them at any participating merchant in your neighborhood. The reward system works simply by walking around, share content and interact with other users in your local area.

They will convert your activity data from the health app. And it is done effectively through Jaywalk's tracking of your location and walking data by connecting with the Apple HealthKit APIs. The Jaycoin received can be redeemed at any merchant’s that is participating in the program.


Jaywalk's mission is two-fold: Motivate people to be more active, while increasing foot traffic for local businesses. Your local businesses need you and want to support your health! Get active and support your community at the same timesource

I hope you also try this out too. But note that GPS usage can drain your battery too quickly but who doesn't want free money anyway?




Hunter: @lemmybe


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This is a great hunt @lemmybe since it aims to incentivize people while getting physically fit. Such an amazing initiative and joins the likes of Actifit which is also one of the promising dApps built on Steem blockchain. Anyways, congratulations on your hunt and I just gave it 100% upvote.

Yeah, it is amazing to get rewarded for walkinh, sharing content and interacting. Sure I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Jaywalk is an amazing app with a great mission to keep people fit & healthy. Walking not only keep you fit but also keep your mind active. We live in the world where stress is common and the best way of relieving stress is doing some exercise so jaywalk has a quality that it not only provide you social platform for interacting different people but it also keep you fit and with all these benefit it also gives you good reward. Great hunt @lemmybe


You are absolutely right on this @kamchore.

I like your words at the end of this article " who doesn't want free money anyway?"

Really nice the platform.. give wealth and health, that's the good combination. No matter what I like jaywalk : rewarding us by walking, sharing and interacting.

Good job friend 🤩🤩


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