Dside - Simple & fun decision making app

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Simple & fun decision making app



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Want to have fun making decisions, then try this app out. It gives you a yes/no coin flip to list of decisions you want to make.

Want to go sightseeing or cinema?, want to eat shawarma or fish?. Use, the app. You will get your answer. Send to friends so they join the fun as well.




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Oh, I sometimes have a hard time making decisions, so I think I can make quick decisions if I use this app.

I dont think its helpful in our real life. But just for fun you can take it.

This app is really useful because when we are going to eat, we don't know where to eat and we will ask each other on where we will eat. I think this is the best way to choose on where to go like eating, watching cinema's, and etc.

this will be fun but what if the app says no to what i really wanna do, then i will just turn deaf ears to it lol.. nice one man

Hehehe.. Sure.

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Haha, this may be useful when trying to get a group of friends to do the same thing.

It's so annoying when time gets wasted getting a group of people to reach consensus. I wish DPoS or PoW also existed in real-life but then i couldn't reward people with crypto or currency.

Great app for make decisions on your destiny. It's a fun but like it really depends on your luck. Thanks for the

I never believe that we could have a decision making app for fun that can work so well in this time. Nice hunt


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