Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer - Fast jet air dries your hair quickly

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Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Fast jet air dries your hair quickly







Hunter's comment

  • The amplified air from Dyson Supersonic turns into a high-speed jet of air that dries hair faster.

  • The strong wind of this dryer reduces your hair drying time by more than 30%.

  • You are able to blow dry your hair into a professional looking style.

  • This dryer is equipped with a digital motor in the handle, so the center of gravity is low. So easy to control when styling.

  • This dryer was made after testing with the hair of people around the world.

  • Although this dryer is so expensive, it's quick and professional, so you can save the cost of going to a beauty salon.

  • I think the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the best of all Dyson products.




Hunter: @leeyh


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  • Speed up the process of hair drying
  • Great control of the device
  • Battletested around the world
  • Good price
  • Product of a well known brand


  • Nothing

Pros : the hippest designed dryer ever produced and the high-speed wind makes hair dry faster.

Cons : I guess dyson dryer is for the professionals... also, the price is not that reasonable.

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Pros :

  • The fastest digital motor that is designed for a much faster drying
  • It is engineered to protect hair from any extreme heat damage
  • It has been re-engineered for many professional hair stylist that they will bring quality to their customers
  • It does give comfort while you are doing some hairstyling yourself

Cons :

  • With price $399.99, that is quite expensive. It is also a great deal for those who wants quality hair styling.

I think women will like it a lot. I think it'll save you a little more time when you're stereotyping your hair. I think it will make your hair look pretty, too. Very good product!

Thank you, sir.

Pros :

  • The design is very fantastic. Unlike regular hair dryers, it has a futuristic design.

  • The wind strength is so strong that it can dry your hair quickly, but it minimizes hair damage. It is a very innovative feature.

Cons :

  • price $399.99, that is very very expensive. Most people want cheap hairdryers.

  • Even with a minimum wind intensity, a very strong wind comes out. It is not suitable for delicate styling.

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It's a product that women around the world will like.
I spent a lot in the beauty salon, but I can save money if I have one of those products.
It's a very practical and new product.

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