iRobot Roomba e5 - Wifi Connected Prefect Cleaning Robot Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba e5

Wifi Connected Prefect Cleaning Robot Vacuum



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iRobot is a great company that makes great robots for house use. Roomba is one of them. This robot is pretty unique. It has tons of features. The main purpose of this robot is to make the cleaning of the house easy, effective and advanced. Here are some features below


iRobot Roomba e5 can be controlled using wifi. It has special app built for it and to operate it with it best performance without being near to it.
It has special system of negativing the dirt and other particles.
It has great performance with its edged brushes.
It has premium 3-Stage Cleaning system that allows it to go on entire new level of cleaning.
and lot more.

Review video

I hope you will like it!



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a nice hunt you gat here @learnandgrow
this is one of the marjor innovations that will make life easy

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Cool product its hard to clean the room each day but with the help of this robotic cleaner its possible now, it not only provide advance cleaning but also save lots of time which can used to other activities. Great Hunt

Im interested in its dirt capacity and the structure of dirt it can suck. Cool design though and its so small for a vacuum cleaning robot.

That's something I definitely need at home. And I will definitely buy it within 8 weeks Nice hunt

I've been preparing myself to buy one of this things for a long time. The app is added value, and those brushes and the cleaning system gives you confidence that it can do the job.

It is cool vacuum cleaner to keep house clean with out exhausting yourself. It has the ability to do cleaning with perfection. Good Hunt.

Nice hunt @learnandgrow I wish I have this robot. It can help me clean my floor in the house. It say that its easy to use and clean efficiently. Furthermore it is equipted with wifi so you can control it thru your smartphone while watching your favorite movie!

Its going to be a robotic world in near future. Where most of the work would be done by Robots. iRobot Roomba being able to be connected by wifi and moppining the house is a perfect way to get your house cleaned. Way to go great innovation stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Nice hunt

Wifi controllable
Compact in size
3-stage cleaning system for superb cleaning


I can't believe no one has hunted this product until now. It looks like they have added some nice features like the wifi feature. Now you can just download an app and basically have control of the roomba at your fingertips. Thanks for the hunt.

haha yea! it got advance features!

I watched the presentation and it is great. When I see a cleaning robot vacuum, I always remember a cat on it, lol. I watched that cat's video several times. Great hunt.

iRobot Roomba e5 is a vacuum that is comfortable to control because it is featured in wifi. He takes all the shit. The vacuum cleaners under the vacuum vacuum. It can go under the seats and all the rest of the house. can go where normal vacuum cleaners can't.

A nice cleaning robot that will make housewives' work easier and help them get less tired. It is full automatic clean robot and control of this clean robot is very easy.

Cleaning is done daily in homes. The most important cleaning tool is a vacuum cleaner. the vacuum cleaner is difficult to use and does not go anywhere. This product is very nice for the clean.

Yea we need to upgrade our tools for own ease. Thank for stopping by

All this technology making life soo easy.. awesome products. Will definitely be a hit in market.


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