GiftedMotion - GiftedMotion is a free and easy & open source GIF animator

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GiftedMotion is a free and easy & open source GIF animator



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Hunter's comment

I really had problem because even when using steemhunt I needed to make GIFs but most of the webs were not really good for anything so I stumbled upon this "GiftedMotion" It really is awesome some features are listed below


It is an open source software
It has Multi language support
It can create Animated pictures
It can create Animated Banners
It can create Animated Buttons
It provides outstanding image quality optimization
It has great frame management
And lot more


I hope you will like it and thanks!



Hunter: @learnandgrow

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Anything allowing for more ease of use within this field is a pleasant and welcome surprise. Life within the CPU creativity realm is hard enough for the layman. A must I say with tons of great features!


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