AstralPool X5 - The Advanced and most powerful Pool Cleaner robot

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AstralPool X5

The Advanced and most powerful Pool Cleaner robot



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Hunter's comment

This robot is pretty amazing with its great qualities. It can do a lot of things for the pool lover and can save them ton of work. And it is pretty easy to use and it really effective in its cleaning. Some features are below


AstralPool X5 has go outstanding 3-Dimensional filters.
Its filters are not only great but they are also ultrafine.
It is pretty fast.
It' doesn't have to be in contact with dirt to clean it.
AstralPool X5 has hyper-speed brushes.
It also has power washing jet
and lot more


I hope you will like it!



Hunter: @learnandgrow

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Cool hunt mate.

  • fantastic style.
  • clean robot all aone.
    *- Powerful.
  • affordable.



Haha what is going on with you guys and pool cleaning robots these days. Nearly every day I see a new one. To be fair this is the coolest looking so far. ;)

Another gadget I wish I'd had in closed chapters of my life! When I had a pool all I did WAS clean it while every one else enjoyed it. I said never again. This certainly would have made pool life a bit better! Nice hunt!

This robot seems very clever when it comes to pool cleaning, The design is gorgeous and it covers a lot of ground. Super hunto!


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