mGrip - A Soft Robotic Modular Gripping System

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A Soft Robotic Modular Gripping System



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The mGrip is a new gripping system capable of grasping and manipulating any object with the same dexterity as the human. It's a surprisingly simple tool! The gripping system adapts to the shape of the object and is able to grasp it without any sensor, complex vision or algorithm. To discover without delay!


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thank you for information

Steps like this are big in the move towards automation. We are seeing a lot of "hands" being developed.

Being able to lift materials with some sensitivity will really move the use of robotics forward greatly. The present system is hindered by the fact that the assembly line process is missing this.

I can understand how useful this simple thing can be. Industries still use humans to do such jobs. But now this robot can replace them and make it lots easier to pack any products. Nice find!


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