COZY - Smart Pet House with Cool and Warm control

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Smart Pet House with Cool and Warm control



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There are sensor to determine the temperature and humidity of the pet house inside. Automatically adjustment will be done by your mobile app.

Main Features:

  • sensors are used to monitor the temperature and humidity change of the indoor environment

  • heating and cooling generator output

  • reduce the air duct and noise

  • record the sleeping data to help you understand your pets

  • remote control the smart house by your mobile


Technology make your pets sleeping healthy by this smart pet house!



Hunter: @kona

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Now that it is winter in here (Uruguay) I cover my dogs with little blankets when they go to sleep. But I never know if they will get up and uncover themselves.

This Smart Pet House would assure me that they are always nice and warm.

Nice hunt!

I'm happy it is useful for yr dogs☺☺

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Holla @kona

It's great to discover the great hunting you show and this is my opinion about your hunt


The health and safety of our pets will always be known and guarded because of the COZY that can regulate the temperature and humidity of our pet house. Other than that:

  • Has a heater and cooling generator output
  • reducing airways and noise, making our pets more comfortable
  • Can be controlled using mobile phone


  • None for this hunt. NICE HUNT and GOOD PRODUCT

I will give value to your hunt

Thank you for your comment~

好正喎😍😍 one😎😎


Nice hunt @kona! I would love to have one for my pet.

  • it's a good thing that it can sense the change in temperature and humidity and be able to adjust it automatically. Of course with the help of your device
  • I love that you can record the sleeping data of the pet, I never knew that you can understand your pet even more


  • none so far

Great...hope you pet have good sleeping mood~



Wow. This pet house is definitely a luxury for pets considering how many sensors and custom options has plus you can control it through an app, but how much expensive is it?

The price is around us160, I think it is acceptable, and shipping to all over the world

Really is for all that comfort and practicality it has to offer.

Thank you for your comment👍👍👍

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Great idea. I have two sphinx cats. This would be great for them.

I'm glad the product is useful for your cats😊😊

I actually don't have the product. Yet.