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SMS Texting w/ Computer


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Using MightyText , you do not need to open your phone just to send or read sms. You can do it with the help of MightyText Application. It has now Over 7 million users all over the world . It. You can also subscribe for a MightyText Pro to have additional functionality like
scheduled messages,send bulk sms and many more.
Android Phone or Iphone
Web browser

How to use Mighttext

  1. Go to googleplay MightyText
  2. Install it to your android phone
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Go to https://mightytext.net and Sign In your account
  5. Verify using your phone.
  6. Make sure that your phone is connected to a wifi network.
  7. Use the Web browser to view or send SMS.


MightyText Free

  • Call notification
  • Phone Battery Alert
  • Send webpage,maps and photos
  • Text Directly from gmail
  • Edit photos with Filters
  • Power View
    -150 SMS sending Cap per month

MightText Pro 9.99/month

Additional Features

  • No sending Limits
  • No Ads
  • Sending Bulk SMS
  • SMS Templates
  • Signature
  • Block Numbers
  • SMS-Email Sync
  • Priority Ringer
  • Phone Gallery Management
  • Store Messages Forever
  • 100 GB of Photos/Videos
  • Sync all messages from phone
  • Restore Messages to Phone

Possible Application

  • Business
  • Personal Use
  • Schools


MightyText is a great app for me since we are using it in our office .The great advantage of this is you do not need to navigate your phone just to send or read your message. You can just go to their website and login your account to view your SMS or to send SMS. Just take note that you need to install the MightyText app to your android phone or iphone and connect it to your wifi network to make the app works. Overall , I would recommend this service to any business or for personal use.




Hunter: @kizzbonez


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let you send SMS message with your keyboard.
easy manage SMS sent history
don't need worry about phone battery.



support lots of devices and different platforms.
easy to use.
let you sync data from computer to phone.


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great post, looks like a good page to checkout

Pros :

  • It can be synch from your computer to your android phone and number
  • Now being used by more than 7 million users
  • You can easily send and received SMS and MMS from any device you want
  • It has notifications wherein you will never missed anything from it
  • It does provide both photo and video syncing instantly and securely
  • You can select around 17 themes
  • It has power view where you can see multiple conversations simultaneously

Cons :

  • None for this application

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  • Free to use application
  • Provides SMS templates
  • Possibility to send maps, locations, web pages and photos


  • Nothing to add here


  1. It is a free app
  2. It has lots of SMS templates for users
  3. Users can set call notification feature
  4. Users can receive phone battery level alerts while using the app
  5. It can be integrated with Gmail to send instant messages
  6. With the pro version, one can schedule msg sending automatically
  7. Users can send maps, web pages, and photos to their friends
  8. One can edit photos with different effects right on the app

The free version is full of ad display that interrupts the experience


When need to send SMS text just need to open their mightytext website and send from any device.
nicely designed UI.

none I can see.

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great app for business usage since you might need to send lots of messages and manage them as well.
let you store messages forever.