plantCube - A revolutionary and smart farm that fits in your kitchen

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A revolutionary and smart farm that fits in your kitchen







Hunter's comment

Ever dream of having your kitchen producing fresh produce (salad greens) and you can get it straight out fresh from it? This has been realized by Agrilution group from Munich, Germany which they worked closely along with Osram to realize this product. Personally, I knew about this when I met with the founder of the company, Mr Maximilian Loessl.

We shared the same mindset of all the leafy greens from the supermarket have limited nutritional qualities as the vegetables will lose its freshness on its way to the shelves. Now, we can change the situation by having the farm right in our kitchen. When the vegetable is ready to be harvested, it is then directly consumed with just a simple rinse of water.

In terms of technology, this product is IoT based which can be control through smart home device and app. The climate control and irrigation will be automated once set and it has a real time display of the growth of the plant. Well. I can't wait to try to fresh greens that are produced from this product.

The product is now in the pre-order stage with a booking fee of 100 EUR. The total price of the product is 2,970 EUR including VAT. Plus, it will be free delivered to you and include with 16 seed mats.



Hunter: @kimzwarch

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This is cool tech! Bringing to farm to your home is brilliant!


  • Fresh crops every day! Alright maybe not everyday. It takes time to grow them


  • Not sure how much energy is needed to have this thing in your home
  • I think the energy to production ratio must be on the high side. Not exactly eco.

True that it requires a certain amount of energy consumption. However, it compensated the carbon footprint created from the conventional farming method. The energy used by the machine can also be from solar or other sustainable energy source too :)

Most importantly, we get to eat real fresh green!

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