Toucheys - First Multi-Textured Tactile Collection

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First Multi-Textured Tactile Collection



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Hunter's comment

This item is a new ball made of natural materials that can relax, relieve stress and improve concentration. Toucheys can be hand-touched, rotated, or hand-held in any combination.

Contact with natural surfaces has proven to reduce stress. Contact with natural materials is essential to us. But sadly most of the things we have are made of plastic.


There are many people who spend their day with keyboard and mouse. Regular use of Toucheys is a good exercise to get many other benefits.

Four Toucheys sets provide six unique texture combinations. I think it is a very useful product to relieve stress and anxiety in everyday life.




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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I used to play with walnuts in hand, but now I'm going to replace them.
It's a fun product.

You're showing the quality that stands out in the contest! Let's leave the boat thank you. Good luck with winning this contest!


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