Octobo - Storytelling meets Creative Technology

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Storytelling meets Creative Technology



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Hunter's comment

This product is an interactive octopus doll that enhances children's language and creativity. Octobo supports developmental growth and turns learning and reading into fun experiences.

Octobo is a storybook that children can immerse through conversation from 0 to 7 years old. It is a doll that develops creativity while interacting with children using software technology that connects with tablet.


Product Features

♣ Octobo Interactive Doll
Octobo is an educational program that inserts a tablet, and the dolls move and become an interactive storybook. Tablets that can be used include Apple, Android, Amazon 7 to 8 inches.


You can respond to learning in real time by combining multiple sensors and advanced technologies that can respond to your child's behavior. Octobo allows immediate feedback to children with touch and voice.


Differentiation of Octobo
You can interact with your children through various stories.


We were able to promote activity and language development through playful games that could lead to the participation of children.


Two story kits are available, but they provide a platform that can be extended continuously. We are constantly expanding our products within the App Library.


Through cooperation with child development professionals from around the world, we can help children from 0 to 7 years old develop their emotions.


By setting a playable time, children can learn to play healthy play habits when they are young.


♣ Octobo storybook series
There are two kinds of storybooks where nature and magic intersect, and image and imagination are developed.

A. Octobo's Underwater Adventure


You can start an exciting adventure to explore the treasures of the sea.


B. Octobo and the Great Letter Search


Octobo takes an adventure to find the capital letters. The children explore the magical village with Octobo and study the words.



▶ Product introduction video 1 - Octobo




Hunter: @kimsungmin


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  • very nice hunt
  • it is very cute design
  • even though i am not a kid, it increases the interest of using it
  • it can increase the interest for kids to learn
  • none for this hunt

Nice Hunt!


  • just love how cute it looks 😊
  • offers a ton of different features for all kinds of ages with the focus on the child education on different senses/topics during it getting older
  • app library with continuously new story kits
  • fair pricing


  • noen for this product

Thank you for your comment

The cross roads of NLP and machine learning mixed with toys are going to create some super interesting (and perhaps creepy) products. I'm not sure if this actually responds to voice commands but I'm sure someone will do that at somepoint. This reminds me somewhat of the Toymail (toymail.co) Talkie a cloud connected walkie talkie type device for kids/parents.

Products like this have so much scope to help with learning, pretty interesting to see how they develop/how popular they become.

Thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to seeing better products in the future.

Congratulations Hunt Warrior, your hunt has been verified and ye shall be rewarded accordingly! Upvotes incoming!

I don't consider this a cool hunt. All these upvotes are based on subjectivity. One influencer upvoted and then others came.

This platform can't evolve in this way without any strict rules where subjectivity is not involved.

It's really not possible for rank #1 on SteemHunt to be displayed a toy for kids. No one from the platform will ever use this product. That's something unbelievable.

In this way you have no chance to be in competition with Producthunt.com.

Come on guys, find a solution, a set of strictly rules. Stop giving x points to random people 'influencers' which upvotes their friends.

Stop acting like a flock.

You are smarter than that.

"'influencers' which upvotes their friends." this is not true.

  1. we chose all the influencers from different countries.
  2. influencers still get affected by their diversity score. so if their original voting weight is only 0.1, x5 is still only 0.5.. means if they keep upvoting on their friends pool, their voting weight will become trivial at the end anyway (the same way you and your friends: lordoftruth, georgemales, calprut getting low voting weight as you guys have such voting history)

Don't spread false information on the platform.
If you have any better idea, please let us know. We're always happy to listen.

Let's assume you are right. Influencers doesn't upvote their friends. What about the subjectivity about the 'coolness'.

Influencers upvoted the content and not the product. (If they upvoted the product is so strange as those products has no use, like this one.)
Why a single ''uncool" post (in my opinion) is upvoted by more than 1 influencer?

And of course I am upvoting my friends when I see a lot of shitty groups from Nigeria and Koreea taking the first places all time. Of course I am upvoting my friend @lordoftruth when he was wronged a lot of times and you did nothing.

Now besides we have those groups we have another group called 'influencers'. If someone thing a toy is a cool product for steemhunt the others come and upvote it. nice.

I don't know why I care so much about this, I am not even posting but maybe I like the idea of the project.
I still like it?

  1. Everyone has subjective way of thinking. That's why we run Influencers as a community-based group. We do have our internal guideline what is cool or not, and we look people's voting history before we invite IFs. Thus, we keep inviting the people who has "right eyes" to judge, this group works will be beneficial for all of us. We also evaluate them weekly basis. If we think some of IFs have voted wrong hunts, we won't continue his/her role. Please suggest if you can think better way than this. I'm so ready to hear that.
  2. Another not fact -> Korean?? So far yes, Nigerian, Turkish, Chinese, Filipino, Korean... So many community voters changed our ranking chart, but after we run Diversity Scores, the impact from Korean and Chinese reduced dramatically because they do not run v4v system. Right now turkish and nigirean voting pool are still strong because THEY RUN V4V OPERATION.

I have no suggestion but to eliminate subjectivity from the system...that's my biggest problem

Influencers upvoted the content and not the product.
-> wrong again.
Influencers upvote on cool products, not well written content. They all understand Steemhunt is a curation project, not a writing service.

You may not think this product is cool. That's fine because "coolness" is a subjective term anyway.

If you complain about "this product took the top ranking because they've done circle jerking between their friends", that's a good point, and we'll have to find a solution. However, if you're just complaining because this top product is not your taste, we have nothing to do about that.

I complain that the first product took the top because of the mods, influencers and subjectivity. Anyway. Thanks for your time,

I will be silent, I am not gonna hunt products to be judged by others subjectivity.

I know giving more powers to influencers could be considered "unfair" for other community members, but I think it is the most effective solution so far (You know the ranking board was like circle jerking contest few days ago, and it's not way better IMHO).

Those mod / influencer systems can be changed any time when we find a better solution.

I don't consider it unfair. I consider unfair if they use wrong they power..Yes you will find better solutions once you will detect new problems..

I'm surprised that you have "toy for kids" section can't be cool or no innovation?? You think only tech things for geeks are cool and innovative? I really don't agree with the way you think. I upvoted this hunt too because I myself, as a father who has a three months old kid, thought this way to adopt tech and user experience on the toy doll was quite interesting.

We have very strict rules for running influencers, and we are working really hard to select both influencers/mods. They are not allowed to do cross-voting or supporting some group voting pool in any ways. We are CONSTANTLY MONITORING those actions especially for those roles.

I know I should not be subjective on this way, but I honestly so surprised about abusing attempts that happen especially from CERTAIN COUNTRIES heavily. Most of our efforts so far actually derived to minimise those attempt.

I know there always be "abusing attempts" on any platform, but if there were not that "crazy" way from those countries, SH team could focus more on building our platform further away, and thereby, it will increase the value of HUNT token that most of hunters wish to.

So, please SHARE YOUR AWESOME IDEA if you have a really brilliant way to run SH better. We are so much welcome to hear always innovative solution for this, and please do not point out any FALSE INFORMATION that can cause other hunters misunderstand about our operation.

Okay, I love that you agree and know about those attempts.

I would love to see a comment where you admit that cool and innovative is a subjective choice.

If you do, why mods are allowed to delist products based on the 'coolness'?

because of two reasons:

  1. We are not a "curation site" by company selecting our preference on the chart. We are a "community" where all people have right to suggest what is "cool." If ONE MOD can decide that factor, it is just a curation site. IFs just have voting power than other people, but it doesn't mean that they "decide" what cool product is.
  2. Also, for the scalable way, asking mods to delist the products based on "cool" condition. Mods are actually delisting "generic" products now too, but it's only limited for too generic products. Once it's not too generic and not too new, we try to pass the judgement to the community. This is the way we differentiate to the curation site.

I agree on the generic part. Thank you for your time!

And I really appreciate your efforts until now. I just wanted to point out the subjectivity.

Thanks for your time to share your opinion too. We just wanted to point out some possible misunderstandings about the Ifluencers.

1위 축하드립니다. 그간의 노력이 결실을 맺었네요 ^^ 혹 다음에 괜찮으시면 한국 헌터분들중 인터뷰도 한번 할까 생각하고 있는데, 혹시 괜찮으실런지요? ^^;

안녕하세요 jayplayco 님, 말씀 감사드립니다. 꾸준히 도전하다보니 이런날도 있네요^^ 그리고 아직은 제가 준비가 되지 않았고 한국에 거주를 하고 있지 않아서 좀 어려울 듯 합니다. 지금은 감사한 마음만 간직하도록 하겠습니다 죄송합니다. 좋은 밤 되세요~~

아, 죄송할것은 전혀 없습니다. ^^ 앞으로도 꾸준한 좋은 헌트 부탁드리겠습니다. 좋은 하루 보내세요~!

네^^ 감사합니다~~ 즐거운 하루 되세요~~

This is so damn cute, you have my vote based on the face animations alone!


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Give your child a good product, I bring this doll to my child, make her happy and able to grow, and make experience for my child
  • this interacting doll that I use software technology to make my child happy.
  • With the sophisticated technology to make this doll more and more who want to have it, very cute and very funny this doll.
  • For those of you who have children aged 0-7 years, you should give this doll gift on the birthday, to be a growing child and will feel happy every day.


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt

Thank you for your kind comments~~

This is a wonderful toy cuddly cute and tells stories

This is amazing!

Thank you for posting.

Thank you~ Have a Good day^^

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OMG ! Thank you~~

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• This is very adorable
• offers a variety of great features
• an app library with a continuous story kit
• the price is very friendly

• nothing for this hunt

I know some kids in the family who wuld LOVE this things!

이제 1등 가나요? ㅎㅎ 좋은결과 있으시길 바랍니다!

안녕하세요 독거노인님, 꾸준히 하다보니 이런일도 생기는군요 감사합니다~ 즐거운 저녁시간 보내세요^^