- Head to Toe Insect Repellent for the Entire Family

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Head to Toe Insect Repellent for the Entire Family



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Hunter's comment works with non-profit organizations and donates insecticides and clothing. proposes clothing that can prevent insects such as mosquitoes and ticks without using odorous spray.

The fibers used in are fibers with InSect shield technology. It is more than 97% effective from insects and can prevent Zika, dengue, and Lyme disease that worms carry.

The material of the fiber itself is made of cool materials, which not only protects you from hot weather but also from all weather, and protects your skin with UV protection.

These fibers have a lifetime. However, even if you wash it about 70 times, it does not lose its effectiveness.

UV protection is also excellent. is a UPF 50+ level that blocks 99% UV rays. can be used by the whole family without restriction. I think it is a very good product for the health of the family.




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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So the fiber is insect repellant and is part of the clothing. Really cool engineering feat.


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I think for anyone who has lived in an area invested with this annoying insect, they wpuld totally appreciate this product. I know I do. Nothing as annoying as having sleepless nights due to mosquitoes. Good Hunt

very cool concepts of incorporating insect repellents to clothing, but it has limitations to the number of wash is a little downside, textile industry is another major industry that cause pollutions

Super Cool Product and these are the dresses what i am looking for my kids cause dengue fever is at peak where we live and i am glad that i found it today curtsy to your hunt. Odor less Insect Repellent fabric it means super comfort. Thanks for telling us about this dress, Stay blessed.

I hate those sprays that smell like they could kill you not just the bugs so this is very welcome :)

It would be interesting to find out how exactly the InSect shield fibres work.

The damage insect especially mosquito is doing to the body system can never be underestimated, this product will really help minimize this, I really need to introduce this to my family.

Great hunt @kimsungmin

This is a great solution for protecting from insects. Just wear these clothes and insects will stay away from you, so easily. I'd like to buy these clothes for myself and my family.

Some insects carry diseases that are lethal to humans.So having products like the made into clothes is an excellent idea.Great hunt @kimsungmin

it was a great product I think, But I was just wondering how many times you can wash those without removing the effect.

Great Idea to have the insect protection build into the fabric. That is an extra layer of protection against all kinds of bugs and mosquito. I'm wondering if it releases some kind of chemical than your body probably will absorb it as well?

safe material:

  • Fiber material is made of cold material, which not only protects you from hot weather but also from all weather, and protects your skin with UV protection.

  • These fibers have a lifetime. Even if you wash them about 70 times, they don't lose their effectiveness.

  • UV protection is also very good. is a UPF 50+ level that blocks 99% of UV light.

  • can be used by all families without restrictions. I think this is a product that is very good for family health.

We all had problems going to the park and being stung by mosquitoes. With this garment we can avoid bites and protects us from the UV rays of the sun

Insect biting cause maleria, dangue etc. No.bugs is providing excellent repellent clothings which save you from insect bite. Amazing product which repells major insects. Great hunt

You dont need think, is a cool product that we all need. what is the cost if i may ask dear friend.

Sure these kinds of clothes are great products to prevent ilnesses such as Zika, malaria etc. %97 effectivenes is a great ratio. Awesome hunt.

I think all mosquitos only bite me, LoL, They are not so dangerous in my country but I know some of them are very dangerous in some countries. will be great clothing to protect our family. Great hunt.

hey great hunt.

in countries of the Caribbean is a good initiative especially with the Zika that is so harmful, always health is the most important for all thanks for sharing such an important contribution

Wow, this fibre insect repellant is great for us to use outdoors travelling and in groups. I like this hunt and thanks for letting us know about this. Will get.

This is great, insect bring about damage to the body, it causes ill health and diseases, this product will really help to reduce this, thanks for sharing hunter

This insect repellant cloth will really help to get rid if dangerous insect that are harmful to the body, I will recommend this for everyone
In my environment both old and young, thanks hunter

I love the idea of insect-repelling clothes. Personally, I'm not a fan of insect-repelling sprays and lotions, so this looks like a great alternative. Perfect for when you're traveling to tropical areas. The only thing missing now is for the company to tie up with a major fashion brand so they can expand their line.

InSect shield clothing technology is cool, prevents mosquito insects, fleas to approach and the material is comfortable to use.
Great Hunting.

good product!

Oh My God! is something totally unique and new for me. I never knew that fiber can also act as an Insect Repellent. Such a cool idea to provide the humans from severe diseases like Malaria and Dengue in an effective way. Highly appreciated the idea and intentions behind it.

Superb Hunt :)

:thumbsup: Boosted by @calprut :innocent:

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "COOL". So i decided to give support:point_left:

sorry for late reply @kimsungmin
it's something really unique, prevent insect and bug, i am sure it will useful when we use it while sleep or take an adventure.

It's eco-friendly and protects against mosquito and other insects


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