Gate smart lock - The world's first camera equipped smart lock

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Gate smart lock

The world's first camera equipped smart lock








Hunter's comment

This product is your front door guide only. It is a smart keypad lock that includes all the benefits of an existing smart lock, including video camera, two-way audio, motion detection, electronic key, remote on / off, pin on off,

Product Features

This product includes all three products in one device.
( Gate is connected through your encrypted home Wi-Fi connection )

  • Smart lock with key cylinder
  • Keypad access
  • Motion detection camera with audio

Gate smart lock function

(1) Let me know your child has arrived at home.

(2) You can make temporary keys for your friends or guests.

(3) I can see who is on the door.

(4) I can manage the door schedule with the Gate app.

  • Gate App - Available for iPhone and Android
    (1) Real-time Video Stream
    (2) Remote Lock / Unlock
    (3) Delivery Personnel Verification
    (4) Issuing Unique Access Code

Gate Smart Lock - Product introduction video



Hunter: @kimsungmin

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  • handsome outlook
  • user friendly
  • keypad is wise for if you lost the mobile
  • real time video is the best Anti-theft function

none, I will buy it


Thank you for your comment

Below is my opinion about Gate Smart Lock, I'll try to explain what I like and dislike about this gadget.


  • the lock allows you to create temporary keys, that's a great feature that some people might need
  • equipped with a camera, allows you to always see who is at the door, another great feature that other locks should have
  • doorbell that calls your phone
  • open the door from anywhere via smartphone


  • the price of the lock is kinda high 349$, if you have 2 or even 3 doors that lead into your house it will be expensive to handle each one
  • battery 49$, a battery will wear out in time and their life time will be smaller and smaller, sooner or later you'll have to replace it

Other then that the gadget is "Wow" and useful.


I really appreciate your detailed comments


Thank you :)

Great @kimsungmin for finding this product. As for my personal review below :

Pros :

  • It will help yourself and your family safe and secured at home where it has camera and and access code, in which code will be verified before they can enter you house.
  • You can also set some configurations for legit guest and visitors to have easy access to your house.It has also audio system that automatically messages them when they finally unlocked it.
  • You can also access some real-time video streaming through application, checking the person at your door.
  • You can remotely lock and unlocked with the use of your smartphone anywhere you like.

Cons :

  • The product does cost expensive but the quality and features is really great.

Hi~ @mindblast , Thank you for your comment


  • A great produce help to improve home security
  • It had a very cool design
  • Easy to use
  • Can use app to control it


  • None for this hunt I can find

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  • it is a smart keypad lock that includes all the benefits of an existing smart lock, including video camera, two-way audio, motion detection, electronic key, remote on / off, pin on off
  • great design
  • real time video is cool
  • gate app is available for both systems (IOS and Android)


  • no cons brotha

Keep hunting :))


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Good Luck~!


Thank you bro~~

It is a smart gate application with various features and functions and can easily get from Android and Iphone.

It is beneficial especially for parents working, you can check out when your children arrives.

It has lock and unlock function so it's more convenient.

Video can be accessible anytime.

I don't have any cons on this amazing product.
Great hunt.


Thank you~

Wow, it looks cool.


  • 3 ways is available to open a door: smart lock with key cylinder, keypad access, motion detection camera with audio
  • let you know your child has arrived at home.
  • can make temporary keys for your friends or guests.


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.


Thank you for your comment

Something everyone could do with 👍


Thank you^^



Thank you bro~~

Great hunt! Will be following your hunts 😊


Thanks~ ^____^

Super interesting for Airbnb Hosts - they can even welcome them personally via the two way voice call.


That's right ^^ Thanks ~

Congratulations on your verified.
Its very useful for me. I have to change my home front door.


Thank you so much~~


  • Locks look cool
  • Have a lot of functions
  • Easy to install
  • Temp keys for guests are good
  • Gate app is a good idea to remote control


  • I can't afford this expensive product

Thank you for your comment

3위권으로 가즈아!!



Remote control, with audio + video + remote control to open the door, is something really useful and futuristic.

Great hunt, thank you!


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The best part I like about this gate smart lock is temporary key for friends & guests.
Now I can send someone to my home if I have forgetten anything & very busy in office.
Thank you for this post.

This is actually cool but I am still iffy on smart products as theu have the ability to be hacked. The convenience is awesome though.