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Supercharge Your Workouts








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This product is a smart device for fitness designed and created with a different idea.

Existing health care devices were mainly used to automatically measure the number of exercises, but this device is slightly different. It's a device that turns off the light when you press the device. I put some of these devices around, then I press on the device while I'm exercising, causing the lights to flash.

With this device, it strengthens stamina, agility, core muscle, balance and so on when exercising. It's a highly addictive exercise method that I have never experienced before. BlazePod uses a visual signal to keep you moving.

It's easy to understand if you watch the video.

  • Product Features

The revolution of fitness
BlazePod looks at the movement with a whole new perspective. This device uses visual signals to enhance your workout.

What is Flash Reflex Exercise?
Until now, the FRX was a device for professional athletes. So we made BlazePod so that the public can use it inexpensively.

BlazePod app
Schedule your training and choose one of over 100 exercises to pull time in 1 / 1000th of a second. You can also see your achievements in beautiful infographics. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, as well as Apple Health and Google Pitch.



Hunter: @kimsungmin

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Fantastic hunt my friend, I'm sure people who workout would love this device, it's innovative and looks fun to use


  • Could be a good investment for businesses like gyms and hotels

  • A one in all device as many workouts can be done using it

  • Can be used by anyone with little to no risk involved, even children can use it


  • A bit pricey given that there are cheaper workout methods

Thank you for your comment


  • the new concept of fitness
  • portable and easy to use
  • enhnaces stamina, agility, balance and so on
  • compatible with iOS and android


  • none for this product

I wish you no.1 hunter today.

Thank you for your comment

Pros :

  • easy to carry to any places
  • make people more interesting to fitness
  • easy to check activity records through app

Cons :

  • maybe make people focus less on fitness itself due to wrong positioning of some workout

Thank you for your comment

I think this one is good for some physical excercise. Please see my personal review below :

Pros :

  • It is recognized as one of the revolutionary technology when it comes to physical fitness
  • It does help improve your workouts by using your speed and your reaction times.A good way to perfectly balance yourself too.
  • It has many different training modules to select from where it does really improved your yourself.
  • Aside from the product it can be integrated to your iOS and Android phones where it can track statistical data on your workouts
  • It has been published on many press like Geeky Gadgets, Stuff and many others

Cons :

  • They are still on process of Pre-ordering

Thank you for your comment

yes, it is an honor to review such beautiful product.


  • Awesome device for fitness junkies
  • Monitors your activity
  • Motivates you to be in good shape and meet your taget goal

None that I can see, the product looks promising :)


  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • Great overall look and feel
  • I like the idea of the product


  • None

Thank you for your comment

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Thank you ^______^


  • It's a cool idea, and anything that gets people outside and moving is great in my books.
  • I've actually been looking for something to run my own beep tests, this seems perfect.
  • The ability to attach to something high for jumps is awesome.


  • I have to say, it really is a bit pricey... I don't deny the technology is great, and I'd love to have one... but I'm not sure I'd want to spend that much on it... I'm not even sure if I'd want to spend half that.

Thank you for your comment

승인되셨네요. 축하합니다.

감사합니다. 즐거운 하루 되세요^^

push urself to new limitss...

Let's try it.

Nice hunt :) haha it really keeps people moving! I like exercising too, and this device for professional athletes will make me feel like a pro LOL

I like exercise too. Thanks ~~

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good! 성민님도 스팀헌트를...ㅎㅎ 응원합니다^^

Thank you bro ^^


  • BlazePod is a whole new attitude towards exercise.
    -It enhances your workouts by using visual cues and prompts to challenge your speed and reaction times.
    -Run through different training modules and measure your performance down to the millisecond.
    Cons :

  • No cons as it is very helpful.

Thank you for your comment

Nice posting. How interesting!

Thank you so much

좋는 제품 소개 감사합니다^^
오늘 상위권 응원합니닷

감사합니다. 즐거운 하루 되세요~~

Uses visual signals
Its a smart device
It improves exercise experience
It measures number of exercise

It causes light to flash

Thank you for your comment


  • Project was funded with more than 300%, so looks like there is a real need behind it and people will spend money on it
  • They provide a clean and easy to use mobile application


  • Nothing to add here

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와우 2등이시네요~ 축하드려요~ 짝짝짝

감사합니다. 이거 처음이라 어색하네요^^

워낙 쿨한거 잘 찾으시고 포스팅도 깔끔하게 하셔서
구매 욕구를 자극하네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
나중에 이러다가 쇼핑몰 차려서 아마존 집어 삼키시는거 아니세요? ㅋㅋ

아이고 과찬이십니다. 스팀잇에 새로운 프로젝트라 그저 열심히 도전해 볼 뿐이지요^^ 감사합니다~~

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감사합니다~~ 좋은 밤 되세요^^


  • Have high battery Timing
  • High quality LED
  • Waterproof material is used
  • Gives reports on daily bases
  • Overall great quality product

Cool Hunt Keep it up :D


  • Price is the little bit high

Thank you for your comment

스팀헌트 도전하시는 군요! ㅎㅎ
응원 합니다!

감사합니다 아마군님^^ 좋은 밤 되세요~~

막바지에 조금 더 달려서 1등!!!!!

감사합니다. 편안한 밤 되세요~~


cool idea.
outstanding design interface.
fun to start use it.
high technology enabled.

a little pricey

Thank you for your comment

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