PROOF - The alcohol tracking wearable device

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The alcohol tracking wearable device



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Checking your blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer while out with some friends might just be a party trick.
but if you really wanted to know it to figure out whether or not you should have another drink, it might be awkward to pull one out.
Proof is a built around wearable sensors that detects various chemicals in your body based on perspiration from your skin with this wristband.



Hunter: @kilobyte12

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"Under development. Not available for commercial distribution."

But it can be pre-ordered

Can you provide evidence of where is that information? I might be missing it. Will help other users to quickly locate it.

my bad. seems i made a mistake on this one. apparently BACtrack is a competitor that is due to start receiving preorders soon

No worries. Thanks for confirming.

Apart from the hunt itself, I would love to have something like this... available on my fitbit for example. Don't want to just have another thing on my harm... come on guys! make useful products.

Either way, I am sure the first thing most people will do is to see how quickly you can get drunk in comparison with others, heheheh! =) Now it will be fair for everyone's amount of blood.