Nikola One - A hydrogen powered semi truck by Nikola

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Nikola One

A hydrogen powered semi truck by Nikola



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Hunter's comment

It's a hydrogen powered semi truck produced by Nikola
While diesel engines require high RPM's to reach peak torque, the Nikola One electric motors hit peak torque almost instantly.
Instant torque combined with all wheel drive give Nikola One the ability to accelerate nearly 2x faster than a stock diesel tractor.
It is eco-friendly, as hydrogen does not emit fossils.
It is light weight
Has a lower center of gravity.
Has more space for extra load

Words wouldn't do it justice.
Check it out



Hunter: @kilobyte12

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Hey, @kilobyte12 this is cool great hunt

Here is my review


  • Innovative and smart design
  • Gives Maximum acceleration
  • Give more mile per gallon
  • Support fast stoping system
  • Touch screen system
  • Easy to use
  • Overall cool hunt


  • No cons are found

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I love it but I think we has a society should have found a way to get trucks off our roads totally.

I agree, but it cannot be helped in this current situation... We can only hope to produce more efficient and eco-friendly trucks

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