Guild loot - An addictive Trading Card strategy game

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Guild loot

An addictive Trading Card strategy game



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Hunter's comment

Guild loot takes a new approach on trading card games.

You get to connect with other players and form a group to work together and dominate the leader board and become the best group.

Each member must have a sense of honor and responsibility to determine the success of the group.

• Every member of a group has a role others cannot fulfill.
• you can collect and loot a number of monsters with their own personal abilities
• "Fast paced tactical TCG combat, perfect for quick sessions"
• compete with your friends on the leaderboards!



Hunter: @kilobyte12

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Hi @kilobyte12- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

Please specifically look at Guidelines 6 - Post "new" products

This product has not yet been released. We can't feature on Steemhunt without a product that is available now for download or pre-order.

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Happy hunting!

But the product is available for trial on Google play.
Doesn't that count?
You can actually download it