crowdte - Help startups with their cool product and get rewarded

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Help startups with their cool product and get rewarded



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Crowdte is amazing platform which helps the startups to grow,and also helps startup gets rewarded

"Crowdte is an ecosystem great for startups to connect with the masses. It's similar to product hunt"

This is building a great community.

Reward shoping is a great innovation from crowdte

They also uses crowdte coins through this platform.

Great networking tools

Embeded with inbuilt tools.

Great alternative for product hunt.



Hunter: @kilee

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I like the sites like this and I check regularly kickstarter and others too. There are always interesting projects. This one is new for me and I will bookmark it immediatelly. Helping starups and getting rewarded is great idea.

Oh well, this will act as a great alternative to product hunt. Now, there will be arrays of platforms to hunt for cool new products. Thanks for this great hunt.

It is great to see the platforms like crowdte, you can both help startups with the useful product and get rewarded. Thanks for sharing.

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Well done!

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