Melodics - Learn to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums

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Learn to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums









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Practice makes perfect. Even better if the process is quick, fun, relevant, and rewarding. This is what Melodics is all about. It's a desktop application that teaches you to play music, hands-on, step-by-step from beats to melodies, and with varying difficulty levels across a wide breadth of musical genres. The way it works is by detecting key-presses and scoring your timing in each lesson. It also keeps track of your progress with achievement badges and analytics so it will keep you motivated to stay in the game to improve daily.

All you need is just a standard MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or drums to get started. Melodics also has special support for most popular brands and instruments like Native Instrument's Maschine and Ableton Push, so you will also get access into additional lessons and courses that are specifically tailored to bring the best out of your setup. Just plug-in and play.

The application is free to download and use right away with 60 lessons from the get go. To unlock the rest of the 400+ lessons and 30 courses, there is a fee of $13.99 per month on a monthly subscription. The good news is that Melodics is currently on discount for annual subscribers, going at $4.99 per month. It's a great offer, considering that it's widely supported by the electronic music industry, with new content added weekly to an already impressive and growing library.

I'm currently actively using the application and can say that it's well worth the subscription. Below are the commercial videos from Melodics. See it in action:-



Hunter: @kevinwong

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Pros :

  • it's a great application for those who would like to learn piano lessons.
  • can be downloaded on its free version
    -provides step by step and easy guide for learners

Cons :
None; it's a great desktop application for learning


  • There is a free tier available
  • It is a good way to practice piano in the current age
  • It is possible to download courses for free
  • Available for windows and mac
  • Pricing is reasonable


  • Nothing to complain about, good content always costs money


  • A step by step process is provided for you to really learn easily
  • It can also keeps track of your performance or achievement so that you would know how far you’ve gone and will keep you motivated
  • It’s very easy to operate which is plug and play only!!
  • The application provides a free version with a limited features of course


  • I’m not really a piano lover so this will not benefit to me so much hehe

Keep up the hunt!
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Adding to this post:
You can learn A-Z related to Guitar on that site.
All he depends on is Donations from happy students!
You gave me a great idea for a post to promote his website hahaha! ;)


Hi @wandereronwheels, I'm a big fan of lead guitar & with you shared your link I guess most useful for find lessons.


Yup, go through the lessons. It's unbelievably good and it's all free!
I plan to donate him some good amount once I become perfect in Guitar! :D


Thanks providing details to me I'll check it after my lunch break. :)


No Problem ;)

When I was younger I didn't really get into music as much as I wanted too. I of course started off playing the keyboard and learnt the guitar a bit but I don't play that much anymore.

I think it's mostly the fact my free time has dwindled over time. Of course work takes up a huge part of that but also steemit has taken up a lot of time in my life but not in a negative way.

Maybe I could try playing something and putting it on steemit from a change of my usual philosophical posts.

Melodics looks pretty cool and I wouldn't mind a shot at learning how to play on a music pad. However my reactions and timings are naturally terrible but there is noting worse than not trying.

Is it part of the notion of steemhunt to sum up the pros and cons @kevinwong? Nonetheless this was a great overview! :)

Your description of Melodics is alluring. I will introduce this to all my friends

Do you think this is suitable for kids learning music? I want to get my son to learn piano eventually, but wondering if this is a cheaper starting option


there is hardly anything kids of nowadays won't grab. plus your son is smarter than you :P


Yeah suitable, and definitely way cheaper than traditional music learning from tutors

Is this the default 'night mode' display? It's rather cool looking.

Pros: Makes noise

Cons: Attracts spammers


Nahp, standard view i think, no night view stuff

I'm dumb as soup in this one. this could be some redemption if i will let go of distractions.


music is one of those skills that are too difficult for me, but i still keep at it haha


A billionaire always has his options :P

Nice software... I think I should get it for my music lessons.


     1. Special support for popular brands and instrument.

    2. Easy to learn. 

    3. Affordable 

    4. Makes learning fun

    5. Track and record the learner's progress

No cons until I test the application.

Recommended for everyone who has interest in music or wants to major in it as a profession
Also recommended for music lovers and kids

I'll try steemhunt ;)


  • App that makes learning how to play musical instruments fun.
  • Widely supported by the electronic music industry
  • Offers first 60 lessons for free
  • Currently offering a discount for annual subscribers


  • Without a discount monthly subscription is $13.99

Great find @kevinwong. Thanks for sharing and happy hunting!

As a long time Drummer, I always wanted to learn about creating melodies with the piano/keyboard. And start Producing my own music. This looks really interesting . Thanks for the share @kevinwong

I'm an active piano player.

It is always hard to align the keys on the software to help you teaching how to play. I saw the same issue on your video. There has to be an easier way to do this. Maybe smart keyboard? I don't know.

Hello my dear friend,I really enjoy from your blog. I recently joined to steem and saw your posts. i like art, science, adventure and photography. I upvoted and follow you, If you like, please see my posts to support each other because i need to your help for being successful for even once.
thanks for sharing useful and positive energy posts.
have good time.

All types of musical instruments are already there and we only need to master the MIDI keyboards only. Though happy in terms of practicality, but more enjoyable to hear music from a combination of several tools directly.

I personally use Ableton Live Lite 9 and it is amazing!

very good! vote & flow~

i love buyano thank you

Tried on my Android app before am really bad at that hahaha

This looks great. Any plans for an Android version in the future?

Pros :

  • A one way of practicing yourself on piano and other instruments through the use of digital
  • The process of learning is quite quick and fun and even rewarding
  • It does help you learn faster where you can adjust difficulty from beginner to more advance
  • It has a lot of music melodies to unlock and each of them are all plug and play
  • You can download right away some free courses to immediately start your melody lessons

Cons :

  • To unlock more melodies you need to purchase upgraded subscriptions just $4.99 per month which is quite affordable for those who really like to practice piano.

Wow. Crazy features. Good hunt.

°It issues achievement badges which is a good way of motivation for students or learners.
°It detects key presses and timing, therefore imitating a live teacher.
°It anchors free download
°Can be easily installed on almost every computers.
°Supports most popular brands

I don't really see a con here if anybody willing to practice music lessons.

@kevinwong I think you should compose a song for yourself and Steemit :)


$13.99 per month and of course all the other free 400 courses to begin with this is not expensive at all, it's awesome and it's of course affordable, I'll see it, is there a guitar lesson too?


Check my comment above :)

Wow that's great news ,the people who are interested to learn piano, i think it will be helpful for them, I'm also interested to learn and happy to hear it has now discount, thanks to share your useful post, i will do this.

The good news is that Melodics is currently on discount for annual subscribers, going at $4.99 per month. It's a great offer

Yep..You told through hunters comment, fee of $13.99 per month on a monthly subscription. But with getting discount offer can save $9 per month. Best way to learn & then play above music equipment. Thanks @kevinwong for given update who love to musics.

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Ah! Ho man, I'm following you since some months, I'm so glad a guy like you join SteemHunt! :D
Welcome aboard, if you have questions or want to say 'hi!', we have a Discord !

See you

Well, the first thing I want to learn is how to play a guitar 🎸
I do know that practice makes perfect
I only pray for the grace to be consistent....


Well, this is interesting. I alwqys wanted to learn to play any musical instrument. This would be a start. Thanks for the hunting!


  • This is such an innovative music learning tool, especially for beginners. It's like playing piano tiles game using a real keyboard!
  • Players will be able to practice with the real setup of the instruments
  • Newbies will be able to learn to play instruments without relying on other people/video tutorials


  • This might not be advisable for people who really want to learn instruments from the scratch as this might make them more dependent on what the monitor could give instead of learning the basics of keynotes and chords.

Pros :

  • Its a great way of learning MIDI through lessons
  • It keeps tracks of your progress and award you some badges which keep you motivated
  • You can set the level of difficulty which is nice.
  • It is easy to use because its just plug and play
  • New contents added weekly which helps you improve and updated to music
  • It has many features

Cons :

  • As of now i dont see any cons.

technology can change everything


  • It has an easy way to learn how to play beats.
  • It supports popular instruments, meaning you will be skilled at those instruments you hear of.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Application is free to download
  • Unlocking other lessons and courses is quite expensive.


You can learn by yourself
easy learning system
has man lyrics to choose

nothing I find


with this great keyboards people can learn with their pad now.
the learning courses are quite interesting
support different devices


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Hi,cool tuto-demo, i know midi keyboard, i have an Akai LPK 25 and my Yamaha PSR and Casio CTK can connect in Midi, i use some free vst on Linux/Ubuntu

Kewl :) I, vaguely, regret never learning to play an instrument. But then, when I hear a master like Glenn Gould, on piano, I think it's for the best that I don't tinker. Favorite instrument: violin. Such admiration for those who can play it, and pluck on the listener's heartstrings... Sigh

Enjoy your musical learning experience, Kevin :)

This brings memories to myself when I've started playing with music in the beginning with my computer and at that point MIDI was pretty great and allowed a lot of sounds and mixes to do. Now, Melodics takes this to another level and allows creativity to move on in any space and at any age. Wish just to have more talent to joy the world, but I am good enough to see the creations of others.

This is an interesting topic, Excellent, THANKS for sharing!

thanks for sharing.

I always stop by here my friend, for your publications to learn from you and the way you do the post ... Thanks for such a good contribution, from #venezuela support your work my friend ... greetings <3

I think it's a good idea to learn piano, and this app is very easy to operate. thanks for the knowledge


  • There is a free tier available

  • It is a good way to practice piano in the current age

  • It is possible to download courses for free

  • I’m not really a piano lover so this will not benefit to me so much hehe

I am little singer.I have a lot of practice for being a singer.You are right practice makes perfect.

Pro The design looks so nice, funny I just got a keyboard to practice on. Just in time. Free version.
Cons Nothing really the pricing is perfect. Something is wrong with you if you don't love music.

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Nice to see steemhunt is up and running and people are actually using it. This is an application i could definitely see myself trying. Maybe there is still hope for me to learn an instrument.

This is a good way to start on a piano dream.
If Kevin could get me a keyboard, I'd learn the lessons.
Steem on!

Toughest job i've ever done.

This is awesome sir thanks a lot for sharing and have a great day sir.

This is an awesome app!
Pros :

  • with this musical app with lessons, its more easy to learn how to play musical instrument now.
  • a free download with 60 lessons is very neat!
  • and if you want more lessons, a very good discount from $13.99 down to $4.99 only! Very cheap for a musical lessons.

Cons :
Absolutely none.


  • Ideal for musicians
  • I love the learning experience they put in here
  • Tons of tutorial guides provided
  • Open-source, so everyone can benefit
  • A great way to practice especially for amateurs and for those who want to improve their skills


  • I didn't see any, the price is just right.

That's a really cool find by you thanks for sharing about it :)

wow thats an excellent thing to learn music, i am looking for such product to learn music and today i get it through your post, i will surely use it soon to learn piano, thanks for telling us about melodics, Stay blessed

Sir I want to ask how to join steemhunt and get the product to promo on my blog.
Please help him thank you @kevinwong

Oh wow! I had no idea such service existed! I have no use for it personally, but I'm sure a lot of people would learn a lot from it. If only stuff like this was available when I was in school learning music, I think my school time would've been a lot more fun.

Hello @kevinwong I am very amazed at your post, I really like my music posting a lot of electronic music upload please visit my account.

great job ^^

Even I always prefer acoustic but your post is really good way to learn @kevinwong

Love it! Keep it up!

Great find Kevin =)

Yeah actually practicing with the keyboard makes all the difference. You can study music theory all day long but if you don't actually get your hands dirty and practice, it's hard to get good at it.

Followed and upvoted =)

Pros: I want to try it. Confident I can learn new piano skills in a short amount of time. Simple. Solves a problem

Cons: Why havent I heard of this yet :( lol