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Best way to listen to podcasts




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Why you should get the Listen App:

  • The app is built for ease, arranging all your podcast subscriptions and queueing them in a dynamic way.
  • The app has a very beautiful interface.
  • The app is seamlessly built and a wonderful multi-tasking capacity so you can concentrate on other activities.

"Statically, when you listen to podcasts, you are multitasking. Most likely commuting." (listen app website)



Hunter: @kekegist

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Hi @kekegist- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

Please specifically look at Guidelines 6 - Post "new" products

This product hasn't been released yet. The Early Access button doesn't actually work.

Here is a helpful Guidelines Infographic
Please visit our Discord Server and the channel #mod-urbangladiator if you wish to discuss this decision.

Happy hunting!

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