Omate s3 - Smart and digital watch

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Omate s3

Smart and digital watch



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This smart watch is the freshest of its kind,it comtains unique feature which are very rare to find.
This smart watch has a 1.54 inch colour touch screen which gives its users the best resolution of 320 x 320 pixel.....
its battery is overwhelming,it is capable of running back to back for 72 hours(3days) on a single charge.
It also consist of a wearable GPS tracker and runs on an Android operating system which makes it easier to use.



Hunter: @keeng

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This is absolutely a great app for android phones with the tracker included to make it more interesting

Most of the Android apps work smoothly on this.I love the activity tracker feaure

This is such an amazing smart watch,,, does almost all works of a mobile.


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