Odocs Nun - The next generation ophthalmoscope

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Odocs Nun

The next generation ophthalmoscope



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This is an instrument used for examining the interior structure of the eye especially the retina.....how does it work?
This instrument consist of a mirror that reflects light into the eye and a central hole through which the eye is been ezamined
Its makes use of rechargeable lithium-ion battery which last for a very long time
It can also be used with or without a smartphone which makes it more accomodating




Hunter: @keeng


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Nice hunt @keeng

Well, i decided to give some support because i am sure this technology will help the medical process. Especially to detect the problem in our eyes faster and with more detail.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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Great hunt @keeng

Innovative product developed to examine the inner structure of the eye. This product is a product that will be used by doctors and medical students for education and patients. It will be used to examine the internal structure of the eye and will also be used for the treatment of eye patients.

A very good tool for checking your eyes at any time needed, considering the condition of my eyes, whether I will have them

A very useful hunt, I really like

Every day the technology surprises me more to have all these advantages in a single device is great great hunting


Great Hunt!

Well this is really helpful for those who need in maintenance for their eyes. I think the product is really handy and no need for you to go to the specialist for assistance. But eye specialist are also important. Excellent!


camera with a very innovative handle.
this will make it easier for us to take pictures with good results

wow, I think this eye examiner is amazing, by buying this tool they can check their eyes efficiently. thank you for your great hunt

Honestly I hadn't known what ophthalmoscope was, before reading your hunt. Odocs Nun will be great for examining the interior structure of the eye, thanks for the information.

you are very honest. keep it up.

An excellent gadget that will undoubtedly help detect any type of problem that our eyes may present. I like that we can use it connected to our phones so we do not have to go to an ophthalmologist so many times.

This instrument is very helpful for ophthalmologists because of its size and the precision with which it analyzes the retina of the eye, detecting damage or any sign of disease, so the ophthalmologist can give a more precise diagnosis.

Great looking hunt and very cool in design. As it is compatible with both Androids and iPhones, and even without a smartphone this will be the be the best ophthalmoscope

Wow this is truly a great product which show more efficiency in what it does

I use glasses and every time I visit the doctor they have to use several machines with this it would be easier my treatments thanks for sharing


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