Crazy Cart XL - The Fun Filled Cart

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Crazy Cart XL

The Fun Filled Cart



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Hunter's comment

Crazy cart is of a new model in an XL size for ballers
It consist of a high torque motor that allows for speeds up to 12mph with over 40 minutes of continuous fun
And ensures a high powered drift all day round
The patented drift system intalled in the crazy cart allows the driver completely control their drifts spins and conering
A large 36v rechargeable battery has being installed to ensure the rider enjoy an endless fun,with a charger that refills the battery
This cart also comes with a flag which makes it look even better
This is an award winning fun machine both for the young and the adults.



Hunter: @keeng

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Nice one! This looks like so much fun.

Reminds me of the Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand. These are great to race with your friends down a hill.

Great hunt!

Haha this looks awesome. I wish I had something like this to play with when I was a kid.

If you get the entire neighborhood to buy one, you can play real-life Mario Kart.

XL is good for me as i am big size . Lol . Loving the speed and go karting is one way to experience it. Thanks for sharing @keeng

Looks real fun and has amazing features with 12mph over 40 minutes. Its wheel is small and must be replaced often because of drifting. Price is also high but i could be worth for the fun that you will have. Good hunt!


This is so crazy, I can feel the excitement by riding XL products from Razor, this will make me smile in a few rounds

XL is great for big daddy who wants to just do some spins.


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