Soil-less Farming on Altifarm - Soil-less Farming on Altifarm

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Soil-less Farming on Altifarm

Soil-less Farming on Altifarm



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As demonstrated above by our mentor C.V. Prakash from The Petbharo project, it is possible to do soil-less culture on Altifarm directly without any modification. All you need to do is use a sterile medium like coco-peat or rockwool instead of soil and add nutrients through water via the self watering system. This passive hydroponic system has multi-fold benefits.

quick plant growth and superior productivity
minimal possibility of weeds, plant diseases and pests
far less weight, easy management

Open Source Home Farming, anyone?
Altifarm is the first open-source system which gives you total control.

soil/soil-less modes of cultivation.
grows almost anything (limitations being plant height, root depth for some).
indoor/outdoor usage, in all climates and locations.
grow from seeds/seedlings/transplants or left overs.
no seedpods, subscription or apps.
autonomy from electricity/water connection, with no moving parts, pump or motor, no clogging or sedimentation.


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