LuckyTrip - Enter your budget and find trips with one tap

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Enter your budget and find trips with one tap



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This is super cool imo. Planning a trip on a tight budget can be time consuming. With LuckyTrip, all you need to do is enter your budget, and the app will find a trip for you. All with one click.

Time to try your travel luck.

We love going away for the weekend but hate all the planning. So we thought we’d make it simple, and fun. Welcome to LuckyTrip, a new travel inspiration app that lets you find and book unique trips. Think Soviet dive bars, haunted Romanian forests, secret pink lagoons


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Thank you so much @jayplayco!

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Hello brother!
What time has come, we do not have any need to think, all the activities are completed through applications.Before going on any journey, one had to think very much about the geographical location and living conditions there, but technology has solved all these problems. What more facility is needed according to our budget, applications tell us where we should be able to go. Thank you for saying such a helpful application related trip.
An impressive product.

Exactly. I too loved it a lot

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so we can visit any country according to our budget this is just amazing facility.

Yes absolutely brilliant

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this one looks and it just picks a random place to go for. Though it sounds crazy but should be fun of course. Sometimes planning for the trip does not go through then this is best to try for.


I think things can't get simpler than this.

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A very clever app as everyone has a budget. I have no idea how far my budget can stretch whilst traveling and this would help immensely.

yeah, i think its a pretty unique way of selling trips to people.

If you are looking for a place to travel and do not have time to research this is an ideal app for you. This app will give you places to visit that suits your budget. Unplanned trips are always interested as we never know what experiences we will get.


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