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Mobile medical library


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The app gives you access to a large set of medical resources. Surely useful for docs and medical students but also if you want more info on some condition your loved one is suffering from.

Clinical decision support at your fingertips - whether you’re a doctor, or working hard to become one.


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This is the perfect mobile library for medical students for sure. More than 700 medical related books that includes books related to drugs, medicine and many more categories. Easy to find what ever book you like.

Yeah, looks good for medic students. However, maybe for those interested in learning about a condition, theyll also find it useful.

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Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff--Keep it up Hunter!

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This is cool, Some medical terms can be confusing and complex so this app helps with explaining some medical terms and issues. Niceeee

Exactly, helpful to know if one is dealing with a quack or someone legit.

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It is cool found brothers. If this app work well in that field.

I am just one person.

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