Revols - Custom earphone to fit your ear

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Custom earphone to fit your ear


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Hunter's comment

All the earphones on the market now look the same.

Therefore, people with small ears or big ears can only feel uncomfortable with earphones.

Besides, it takes at least a month to make an order.

But Revols customize it to your ears in just one minute.

The method of use can be fixed to fit perfectly by wearing Revols in the ear and using a dedicated app.

Once charged, 8 hours are available and 14 hours can be used with an additional battery pack.

  • Customized in 1 minute
  • 8 hours can be used when charging once
  • Waterproofing
  • good sound quality

See links for more information.



Hunter: @kanade1025

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I am upvoting it only because till date i have never found an earphone that i have been comfortable using. They all keep falling out of my ear. Happy to know i am not the only one with this problem. I thought my ears had some structural defect :)

Most of the earphones on the market are too large to be heard.
It would be great if you could tailor it to your ear size.

The excet fit is always an issue when it comes to earphones and this is a nice concept to build a custom earphone just for your ears. This is a great for those who are suffering for good pair of earphones with the perfect fit.
Nice hunt


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Now I can enjoy music without hearing outside noises :joy: , I could even probably not hear those noisy people while riding transpo.


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