Kings of Pool - play pool game everywhere you go with AR

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Kings of Pool

play pool game everywhere you go with AR



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Hunter's comment

Hello friends, games is a good source of enjoyment. It relax your mind and give you pleasure. My today's hunt for pool lover. Presenting here amazing game named Kings of Pool. Augmented reality gives you liberty to play game anywhere. 3D graphics effects are great. You can compete with your friends or people around the world. The game is available for both android and ios user.


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I always say AR is reshaping our lives and look at this pool game, it's useful for those who can't visit an actual snooker club. They can play at home or imagine if they are at vacations still they are enjoying their favorite game on the go.

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I am not a big fan of pool game, haven't played it at all. I have seen a lot of persons talk about how fun it is, will be glad to test how fun it is especially with the ability that i can compete with people around the globe. Lastly, it is available on ios and Android phones. Great hunt @kamchore

It’s by far the most realistic Pool game available. Physics, English, All of it. I can’t speak for the AR mode but the regular game is as addictive as it gets for anyone that knows or loves pool.

Super addictive game with a welcoming community. The controls are intuitive and it was very easy to get into. AR mode is neat, but you need to be in a relatively large room to really appreciate it

My wife and I have really been enjoying thins game. I've been playing American rules/no slops pool at actual tables since I was a kid and my wife has always played snooker. This has been really fun to do together

It is an awesome Pool app for Android. The controls take a little bit to get used to........ though that could be just because I'm not that good LOL.But I like it it's very addictive

This looks like it could be fun. I've always been a pool player and even loved those arcade pool games. I would love to try this out and see how realistic it is

I like this game especially supported by AR technology. I think I will win against players from all corners of the world.
Nice hunt!

I think VR will work better for this. Software that understands body position and then changes the view based on whether one is standing upright or getting over the table to take a shot. Even AR can work but vr will be better.

Installed it on a brand new iPad Pro and I'm not seeing the AR mode available anywhere. The game automatically starts in 2d and I'm not seeing an option to change that. The menu that shows after the splash screen in this video isn't in my install, or it's just being bypassed for some reason.

This VR pool will certainly save a lot of space too lol. I wonder how acurate this game is. I'll have to check it out and see how it works. Great hunt :)

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It is a fun for people who like billiards. With similar levels of actual deviation, it will satisfy the game's specialists, but it is also capable of enchanting beginners. Augmented reality and the club of friends are a plus for the game.

Looks like amazing technology and funny too. Just imagine you're playing with vr and in real life you're beating someone.


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