Kidsnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

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Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch



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Hunter's comment

The "KIDSnav" is actually a wrist-worn type of mobile phones that was created for kids that are aged 2-12 years). it is actually a 2G enabled watch that do also combine an effective GPS tracking, also along with a cleat voice calling, quality text messaging, a great pedometer and also some other fun features that all the kids will actually love...

the "KIDSnav" is a device that is totally safe and also once it is really paired with the KIDSnav Guardian App on the phone of the parents. , the parents would also definitely do really have a peace of mind by really knowing that they actually know the exact location where their kids are, and also what they are really up to, and they can actually contact their kids at any time...this is an amazing device..


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Anything to keep kids safe is something which i really admire so much...this is a great gps tracking device that will make our kids stay safe and secured...great hunt