Zaza - A decentralized business platform powered by blockchain

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A decentralized business platform powered by blockchain



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Hunter's comment

Zaza is a perfect option if we talk about business, blockchain and social media.

Zaza is not that usual social media, it is just for business, so it connects businesses worldwide and simplify the sale process.

You can see exactly how that will work in the next video.

Zaza is:

  • A business generator.
  • A marketing and trading platform where you can promote and sell in the same time your products.
  • A peer to peer platform for businesses.

I have to agree Zaza will be huge, they have over 90,000 people on telegram and it seems the owners are dedicated to the project.

Check it out!



Hunter: @jwolf

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hey its amazng hunt I think it will help people so much.your hunt so helpfull for people thanks for sharing.. .keep it up

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Interesting focus on this blockchain. I have not heard of one that is focused solely on business. It could work although I have a feeling the other general blockchains will end up hosting what is needed for business.

It is a very useful platform for business. And it is powered by blockchain with decentralized feature. It is very innovative and cool product.

This is certainly great for us who have our own businesses. It is focused. Should try. Great hunt here.

This platform will surely improve the business activity through the blockchain medium. It will be a great project in the future.Thanks for sharing this hunt @jwolf

Blockchain on this business platform records all business history of registered users which means total transparency and users can make secure transactions with smart contracts which solves trust issues.

Blockchain projects are just keep getting better and better. With more of them, with real implementation everyone will benefit. This seems like a promising project.


  • unique and great

  • very perfect

  • has more than 90,000 people on the telegram


  • none

This will absolutely empower more business in the network. If this will succeed, I see more and more business hooked to use more blockchain based protocol. Awesome hunt!

A platform that is powered by the block chain is actually awesome and I’ll do well to get acquainted with it

Zaza is great platform business. I would like to join it. Building business on the blockchain and social media makes zaza is perfect platform.

Great hunt!

Literally Zaza is great, connecting the business world block by block on a smart platform person by person,

Pros and Cons
-Business and blockchain matches very well
-Great business model

-not enough support of the prototype

I like this idea since I believe that future is of decentralized one. So I strongly say that this could be a very beneficial for the people who will join this platform. Thanks for sharing a nice opportunity.

World is in the pocket of businessmen. They do whatever they want. And a common man does struggle for them. Anyways this platform looks like a different opportunity. I will explore it once I get a free time. Thanks for sharing.

A marketing and trading platform where you can promote and sell in the same time your products.
That's great news. Thanks @jwolf for sharing a very useful information through your amazing hunt. Keep it up.

Blockchain develops rapidly everyday and it is good for all of us (Blockchain users) Zaza will be great platform to talk about Blockchain, Business and Social Media. Awesome hunt.

i have watched and see how it works. It is a cool platform to promote your business.


Thank you!

You know the business through social media has really taken a different form. And people are really involved. This hunt is quite very useful for such people, thanks to the hunt!


For sure! By the way, are you on Webtalk? I am sure you will love it.

I like decentralized platforms and it is great to see a new one. It will help to blockchain to develop. Thanks for sharing.

great hunt

it is a social media where you can earn money and is a trading platform

best of luck

Excellent hunt


We improve our business very easily

Connect customers easily

Good service giving




Thanks for your opinion.

Amazing hunt


Using this we improve our business

Giving good customer service reach target customers



Nice hunt!
I am so glad to see another application of blockchain!
It is definitely a world changing idea and great to see this nice example !

It's great to see more and more businesses ideas that involve the use of the block chain. The big problem is knowing which is going to be legitimate and which is nothing more than a money grab. Good hunt


You are on the @abusereports blacklist and have been flagged. Enjoy the !popcorn.

I think it is so good hunt. It's so fine. Good hunt.

This is wonderful platform. Zaza best of luck

Hi @jwolf,I found your post useful as a blockchain user.Social media,and blockchain now in my opinion is a new mode of business and making money,glad you have add a new information on it.Good work by sharing this to us.

GOOD HUNT, I think that decentralization is key today

From design to looks and feel, this business looks perfect. Decentralization is the future and I back each and every decentralized business. Good luck!

This is relieving and pleasing to know that blockchain technology is getting more and more adoption all over the world. This will really help us step in the future. More and more business adopting blockchain will bring them more freedom. Well done @jwolf. You're a great supporter of decentralization. Excellent job!


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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Do we need to put something from our pocket to start working in zaza? Never heard of it.


You need your own business for that :D