Vryx - Create your own decentralized 3d world

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Create your own decentralized 3d world



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Vryx is a platform where you can create your own world very easy without being a developer.

Vryx is in alpha mode so it is not yet fully launched. They will also have an ICO, their total supply being only 100,000,000 tokens.

There is also an airdrop available with 3% of the tokens.

I love everything will be decentralized. You can make your own world, buy your items and skins. No one can get those from you.

Also you will have a lot of tools to communicate with the other players and that's insane.

Check it out, I am sure you will love it!




Hunter: @jwolf


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I just try the vryx airdrop. The VRX Token is an ERC-20 token that will be the exclusive currency in Vryx.

These are the kind of projects that are going to bring about mass adoption in the crypto space. As It will be used to create worlds, customize avatar, purchase 3d models, I guess The VRYX Token will be successful, Great project.

I love everything that is decentralized, too. It would be great to have my own 3d world by Vryx.

Every day the word "decentralized" becomes more common in the world. Now it's even common to see airdrops over games. This game, which has some nice graphics, looks promising. Good hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Hello @jwolf I am so happy that people like you who want a decentralized world are struggling. This platform is a very good example. I love your approach and need more stuff like that. Thanks for your great hunt.

In this game you can make and create your own 3d world and users can chat with their same world users

Cool. Decentralized everywhere. I love the idea. This can help people who are introverts. They can create their own world.

It'll be fun for a person who doesn't code (or know C#) to create his own world / game, especially to collaborate with 3D artists (it's more important things to have a good design to success). Great hunt @jwolf

This is my dream too to live in a world where nobody can disturb you. You have your own assets and everything is automated. Thanks for sharing excellent hunt.

Excellent idea to create your own world and can communicate with others players

Great one, can't wait for it to fully official launch.

great game application,
where we can realize our lives into the digital world and play according to our laws with no rules, this is great

Excellent intiviative to make own decentralized world.

Stay blessed and keep it up.

Congratulations on a great hunting. A great platform for creating your own 3d world. I have signed up to create my own world.

It's really insane.
I totally bought the idea.
Time to make my own world the way I want it.

Good to see this hear.
In before I search about it,thanks for sharing.

Seeing more of these and the idea of earning CrYpTo while playin' a game is fantastic! Nice!

unnamed (1).gif

Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful



  • It is decentralized.

  • It has airdrop which is available with 3% of the token.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt keep up with your wonderful hunt.

This hunt is placed at No 1 due to its weightage. A very nice idea is conveyed through pictures, videos and some useful text. Keep it up man.

reminds me of Minecraft…..


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Definately insane.... looks like minecraft haha:) I signed up!

That is amazing!!............