Pantos - The first Multi-Blockchain Token

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The first Multi-Blockchain Token



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Hunter's comment

I am not a tech guy, but I couldn't avoid this amazing project. I am holding some pantos for future.

Pantos is the first token made to be transferable between blockchain. How that sounds to you? To transfer a token from ethereum to waves or bitshares or even to bitcoin blockchain.

Sounds impossible to me but Pantos team said can make it possible.

Pantos is definitely a scientific project which aims to bring together blockchains through TAST.

TAST - Token Atomic Swap Technology.

Pantos is created by Bitpanda, Europe’s leading retail exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Take a look at Pantos Visionpaper, it will blow your mind.



Hunter: @jwolf

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Excellent hunt

Really it has good future.
Open source
It combines all blockchain products with developers, researchers, and users.

Good hunt

Sounds interesting as I think people have assets in different platforms and it will be so convenient to be able to wired them directly from one to another. I will definitely watch out how this goes.

I hadn't heard of this until now. I guess with the advancement in the blockchain we are bound to see more of these sprout up. Interesting.

Too many projects now with blockchain technology... This one seems to be very interesting to transfer token between different system. I'll read the whitepaper in order to understand the concept behind it. Thanks for sharing the information @jwolf

The Bitpanda company has not been indifferent to the world of blockchain. This is good news. In the future all platforms will be built with this technology. Pantos is a nice platform. Designed to make things easier. They can be successful.

This is going to be amazing ... Meaning you can transfer this token to any block chain wallet you so desire .. So cool

I have reviwed this product. It has a slightly different system in other bollockchain technologies. It is a scientific project that aims to bring the blocks together via TAST. Nice property. I like the supporting company. Thank you.

Great hunt

So transferring of your earned tokens from one platform to another is a great thing to look upto .pantos has done a great job and thank-you for sharing this .

best wishes

Hmm, transferable token between blockchain sounds interesting and impossible to me, too. but if Pantos team is pretentious about it, let'see what happens next. Thanks for sharing.

These are the kind of projects that are going to bring about mass adoption in the crypto space. Love it. Great Hunt

Transferable "between" block chains sounds amazing! You're smart to hold some for the future my friend! I'm always keen eyed for new tech. with a long life history in it's future. This may fit the bill. Thanks!

It would have been also nice, if we could also exchange crypt to fiat. From a vision point of view, it looks great, however, we will need to wait and see, how much they are able to deliver in reality.

It seems like a very ambitious project. Not sure how it's gonna work cause I haven't read the Vision Paper, but assuming that it does work, then this is a great project that could have large-scale implications to cryptocurrency owners.

it sounds very promising, the blockchain and its uses do not stop of amazements every day I learn new things, thanks for sharing such product, excellent hunt


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