Bitozz - World's leading Futures & Options trading platform

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World's leading Futures & Options trading platform



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Hunter's comment

Bitozz is a brand new upcoming cryptocurrency exchange which will be huge.

They attract institutional investors by offering trading for derivative, options and futures.

The best part that I love is they offer a trading simulator for beginners.

We all can benefit from this trading simulator, trying new trading strategies directly in the live market.

That's the maximum you will need from an exchange:

  • you can learn how to trade very easy.
  • the trades are done instantly.
  • there is no risks using the simulator.
  • we will get the most advanced features on sell/buy orders.

In my opinion this exchange can explode once will be launched. Check out their website, everything is professional.

Thanks for reading!



Hunter: @jwolf

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This is a very great exchange app this will enhance more trading line to be cool between the buyer and the seller

Platforms like Biotzz are great for development of Blockchain. Thanks for sharing.

This will blow real soon. Bitmex would be given a run for its money real soon. I will like the fact that it offers demo trading for noobs

amazing .

the trade requires a lot of study is difficult as you can earn money you can lose quickly if you are not clear about a good initiative, thank you for sharing this new program that will help a lot.

Looks cool, but not sure whether this could be better than exisiting exchanges, say bitmex.

I guess this will be great @jwolf. Bittrex and Binance seemed to be doomed by bots. It's a common trend on exchangers. There are a lot of bots existed. Plus, there will be more and more additional features which will help start up traders. Overall, this will be beneficial to the community. Thanks for this great hunt.


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