Typhoon H Plus - Hexacopter - Judged best of CES 2018 by Videomaker.com

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Typhoon H Plus - Hexacopter

Judged best of CES 2018 by Videomaker.com





Hunter's comment

It's been a dream of mine to own a decent Quadcopter, but after seeing the specs on the Typhoon H Plus I'm convinced I need to raise the bar and look towards a hexacopter instead.

This is one sexy looking drone and comes with some impressive features such as:-

Reliable & Efficient - Improved cooling and efficiency see this drone consistently produce 25-minute flight times.

1" 4K Camera - One-inch 4K camera. Wow!

Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Orbit Me

  • Point of Interest

  • Journey

  • Follow Me / Watch Me

  • Curve Cable Cam

  • Return Home

Key Features

  • Includes 1 "sensor camera with 20 MP and 4K video resolution at 60 FPS, improved residual light performance, dynamic range and a distorted horizon
  • Includes redesigned ST16 remote control with improved display
  • 5-rotor mode to compensate a motor failure
  • Ultrasonic Sensor obstacle avoidance.

And I love the automated landing gear so you're camera has full 360 degree rotation, without obstructions.




Hunter: @just2random


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  • Hexacopter have a better agility than a Quadcopter, this also works here
  • High quality camera
  • Different features for an autonomous flight


  • none I can actually see

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Great hunt @just2random! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


  • Great camera
  • Efficient
  • Great design
  • Ultrasonic Sensor


  • Price


  • This is really a great drone for taking pictures and videos with utmost quality! Adventurers will surely love this one
  • The design is more efficient for taking flight shots
  • Wow! the camera can also be rotated! It is perfect for taking the view in all corners
  • One of the best features of this one is its ability to return home once you set it in that mode.


  • 25-minute standby time is quite short but overall, the specs and output quality of this hexacopter is at the ultimate level. Such a great hunt! Cheers!

Pros :

  • It has an improved cooling and efficiency which is realiable to have consistent to produce a better longer time of flight
  • It does include a 20 MP and a 4K video resolution which will display quality output
  • It has a sensor that helps avoid obstacle

Cons :

  • Expensive


  • It has a top image quality combined with the reliability and automatic flight modes every photo and videographer desires.
  • Quite trusted since it was awarded with the "Best of CES 2018" Award from Videomaker.com.
  • It has a refined wiring ensures optimized air circulation and improved cooling.
  • It manages 25 minutes of flight time under normal weather and flight conditions.
  • Really has am impressive specs


  • Kinda expensive, can't afford!

Anyway, this is a great hunt! Congrats!

This drone sucks... have test it. Sucks. Dji phatom 4 is better then this one🤘

I want that drone. Couldn’t see any indication of price though.


It's only new so I don't think they've released a price yet.

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