Csee Coin - The BTC Market App - A user friendly iOS app for accessing BTCMarkets.net

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Csee Coin - The BTC Market App

A user friendly iOS app for accessing BTCMarkets.net




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Hunter's comment

I'm still surprised web developers don't make custom apps for their popular websites. And sure responsive design has improved the mobile landscape, but rarely do they take full advantage of all the operating system features a mobile OS has to offer.

Until now...

The Csee Coin app was developed in Australia to improve the usability for iOS users who regularly access the BTCmarkets.net website for all their crypto trading needs.

And once it's been ported to iOS, moving it to your Apple watch is the natural extension and Csee Coin delivers this functionality too.

Features Include:-

  • Keep track of your wallet
  • Check your coins on your wrist
  • Social Integration
  • Manage your orders

If you have further questions such as privacy concerns then check out the Csee Coin FAQ for more information.

And the one FAQ that interests me the most is - Will there be an Android app?

And apparently, it's in the Roadmap so I'll have to wait until then to give it a full road test.




Hunter: @just2random


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Very happy to have a member of the great BlockDeals team aboard Just2Random! Great hunt today! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


It's not as good as your team. You've left us in the dust ;-)


Haha, don't forget that the devs have been developing this full time since October... that's a fair head start.


Use this App, you can keep track of how many coins you have in your wallet on BTC Markets and other exchanges.
with this App you can stay upto date with the latest crypto currency prices and be informed.

None I can think of

Let you watch Bitcoin market anytime and anywhere.
Support Apple Watch integration.
You can view and cancel orders that you have created on BTC Markets



  • the application has a night mode, which allows you to use the application at night without tiring the eyes
  • Shows the price of currencies and changes that suffer in time
  • You can keep track of how many coins you have and how much is the total value of them at the time.


  • At the moment it is only available for IOS devices


  • You can keep track of how many coins you have in your wallet on BTC Markets and other exchanges and is real-time.
  • You can easily monitor your crypto even if you choose to transfer your coin out of BTC Markets. Simply enter your public key and away you go
  • It will show you the price of your coins on your home screen as a badge and using force touch.
  • Very simple design which is very good to use


  • I'm not a market trader so it's not so beneficial to everyone.

Still this hunt is very nice! Congrats!

Pros :

  • Real-time integration with up to date crypto currency prices, a good way to be informed
  • It has automatic night mode function
  • Always keep track on your wallet
  • Easily manage your orders
  • Can be downloaded in App Store

Cons :

  • Limited to crypto traders only

Wow such a great hunt @just2random. well here are my pros and cons for this application.

  • very helpful to iOS users like me that are cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • great application that has an automatic night mode feature, meaning less hassle for the user to manually set the settings.
  • To top it all, this application provides the user with real-time updates on cryptocurrencies especially its prices, which is so good considering the volatility of this industry.


  • None for this application.


  • This is a good innovation especially for crypto traders who want to check prices all the time
  • The prices' updates are being flashed real-time
  • Automatic night mode. This will give convenience to users to save time adjusting the settings
  • This will save a lot of time instead of checking the prices online every single time


  • The apple watch screen is very limited. It can only show up to 4 crypto coins prices at a time. This can be inconvenient for someone who trades countless cryptos


  • gives a real time tracking of your own wallet.
  • watch design and feature is superb! It really fits to any lifestyle.
  • you only need to check data using your wrist watch.


  • Technology is still on its development.
  • limited crypto only.

Pros :

  • It provides a handy information to owner
  • It provides user friendly application interface.
  • Orders can be managed easily.
  • Convenient to track your coins.

Cons :

  • Beneficial only to cryptotraders.

Pros :

  • automatic night mode function
  • watch crypto market at anytime
  • Displays the price of currencies
  • night mode won't affect your eyes
  • Easy access to the device as it is made for wrists

Cons :



Very accessible and handy

You can keep track on your orders


Limited for crypto traders only


  • Constantly tracked of your wallet
  • Comfortable and Easy to use
  • Has an automatic night mode feature


  • Bound for only crypto traders


  • Useful app (especially for crypto people)
  • Keep track of your wallet/ coins
  • Night mode function
  • Available in the App store
  • Real time updates


  • None that I can think of

Wonderful hunt! Have a good day!


App support several platforms , easy to use and let you watch cypto market all the time. Keep you updated and it has a great design.
let you easily manage your orders.

None I can see.


  • Real-time crypto prices
  • Manage orders on the move


  • Only on Apple Watch
  • Amazing platform to bring various markets together.
  • Access to the overall coin balance in one interface
  • Easy access to the device as it is made for wrists
  • Crypto prices are something you are notified about continuously
  • Night mode can a pros too.


  • Doesn't support for android as of Now.


  • Available on iWatch so it's easy for traders to keep track their portfolio without a phone.
  • Automatic Night Mode is good for your eyes.
  • Sharing feature enables users to share status of coins easily.


  • Only available on iOS right now.

Easily mange your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets from your wrist
real time pricing and movements for the cryptocurrency market
easy to use and straight forward information provided
easy to get directly from the app store

no cons to see. This type of product is long overdue.


  • Live crypto prices
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Available as an iOS app so easy download and installation


  • Even harder to disconnect from the crypto world

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