Flowhub - A web-based IDE for flow-based programming

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A web-based IDE for flow-based programming



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It is web-based IDE build on NoFlow.js for flow-based programming. It can connect to multiple languages using FBP Network Protocol.[1]

In addition,Flowhub allows it user to build full stack, from microcontrollers to Internet of Things and the web. It is done using visual (blocks) rather than writing lines of codes. With Flowhub, you can create almost anything from data processing to Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.

Flowhub IDE offers a visual programming for your full stack needs. It is build on NoFlow, MicroFlow and MsgFlow technology. So, you can make and build programs from data processing to complicated internet applications.[2]

Meanwhile, Flowhub IoT offers a visual tool to manage your internet-of-things devices. It is integrated with Eclipse Hono for your large number of IoT sensors being used. It mainly run on MsgFlow and Flowhub IDE. [3]




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