Zeroconfs - customized products by cryptocurrencies

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customized products by cryptocurrencies



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A shopping platform where you will find all customized products by various cryptocurrencies...


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remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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I sound like it got the future od cryptos. It is good to find out such products where we can consume our cryptos like fiat.

I got inspiration from this site... It's sound so cool the site also the product. Cryptocurrency is our life today, and we can't separated from our activities. In the future, I am sure that every stores or online shopping will accept Cryptocurrency as payment. And this site is the cool one.

Nice way to utilize your crypto currency by purchasing a daily life product of your use. Purchasing things with cryptos will helpful to motivate more people to blockchain

Cool find, All crypto lovers this platform is useful. They can buy their needs using crypto.

Nice find Friend, Thanks for sharing

How I wish we could have more of these marketplaces where we can use cryptocurrencies to buy and pay for goods. It drives mas adoption and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies in mainstream economic activities. Zeroconfs is super useful

Now this is a kool idea and place to go! I for one would love to see this idea in many more places. I think it's early but in the end it'll be everywhere and common to everyone.

A shop with a products that are about blockchain technologies like bitcoin, monero, ethereum, and etc. There are lots of products that is fully customized by people and you can also pay using these cryptocurrency. I hope they can also sell steem products so that more people from steem might be interested on buying this one.

We believe the concept of sound, stable meaning; A global system that can be used as stable, trusted, and digital cash.

After examining several different cryptoser coins as an entrepreneurial payment system, we were disappointed; They were too slow to process, did not have relatively high transaction costs, or are not practical for use on a daily basis. The only cryptoconance stands with super fast transfers and low transaction fee-bitcin seven visas.

This is where technology is gradually moving us to , Kudos to the maker of this, the world must embrace blockchain technology and this is a good way of creating awareness of blockchain.

Will love to shop there.....Nice hunt @juasegun. You tried

Wow all products are looking beautiful but Bitcoin Cap is awesome as compare to others. Thanks @juasegun for sharing your great effort with us.

Cool! This is perfect for crypto-lovers. I wonder if they allow customization to accommodate crypto projects that are not in the main list. It would be even cooler, if they did.

I have checked the website. They have a good amount of collections. This is really helpful. Paying on crypto for any customized product. From bags to tshirts. Here in my country paying in crypto is a dream.
Great hunt!