SMOG FREE BICYCLE - A bike that clean the air

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A bike that clean the air



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SMOG FREE BICYCLE is a prototype recently launched that is an ecological bicycle that purifies the air while it is used. This bike basically incorporates an air filter in the upper front that captures and recirculates the air currents but in a totally clean way trapping any type of contamination. This bike is made of recycled materials and developers are currently working to expand the range of recycled materials that can be incorporated into the manufacture of these bicycles

This is a bet that the developers are trying to globalize in order to contribute a bit more to the purification of the air on the planet.

The design of the first SMOG FREE BICYCLE prototype is inspired by the manta ray, a fish which filters water for food. The bicycle works in a similar way, with a plug-in device on the steering wheel of an existing bicycle as it filters the air.



Hunter: @josalarcon2

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Good hunt! I hunted the smog free ring a few weeks ago. Really innovative products and deserving of all the accolades they've received.

I am really not able to cycle lol, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate good products when I see them. Anything that is working towards clean energy is a win in my books. Great Hunt!

Its good to see that the community know what's best to be on top of Steemhunt's daily rankings. Congratulations @josalarcon2! ;)

They should attach an odometer that when I ride the government gives me carbon credits, that money they took from the truck driver should go to the cyclist....

What a great product you hunted @ josalarcon2, a bicycle that cleans polluted air, is a bicycle that helps cyclists breathe air without pollution.

It's a great idea. I think people who ride their bikes to work will love it. I think you don't need to worry about smog when riding a bike on the road with this bike.

One of the best hunt I've seen. While using the bike, you protect the environment, in the meantime, cleaning the air that is already too polluted. Twice environmental

Technology that bring the goodness to our mother nature. With the polluted air been clean by the product, surely gives us the benefit. Great hunt 👍

My country is most polluted countries on the planet but i hope products like this will help us to clean the smog filled air. I think it will provide a healthy and energy friendly option for peoples, which will help to combat both traffic congestion and pollution problems. Thanks for telling us about this cool bicycle, Stay blessed.

Smog is the biggest issue in our part of the world due to less amount of tree and more pollution. Smog is very dangerous for human health. Smog fred bicycle not onygives you good healthy exercise while doing cycling but it also helps to clean your air from your surroundings. Great bicycle which gives you dual benefit. Great hunt

Good concept, it is always love to see products that try to protect our planet. Nice idea and hope it will purifies are promised.
Good hunt

Maybe the filtered air could be passed directly into a mask to be worn by the rider, so they don't kill themselves riding through the smog in the first place?

It looks like a great technology, but I think you'd need an army of people riding these to make even the smallest impact on a city/region. And while every small impact is a good one, I think this technology could be utilised in a more efficient, more impactful way.

I love the concept though!

Wow stunning hunt. A bike that clean the air This is height of technology. I love this type of ideas. Please search more amazing stuffing like that. Happy hunting

Wow that is probably one of the best hunts that help green environment its amazing to clean air while not polluting it :)

The environment is already a little damaged, and knowing that we have a bicycle that helps us clean it is incredible, great hunting

This bike will really help to reduce pollution these days.
This kind of technology should be used for cars or other vehicles too, so more vehicles = more fresh air.

I like riding bicycles, they are already healthy and eco-friendly but a bike that cleans the air is twice eco-friendly product. Great idea, great product and great hunt.

Pros and Cons
-This is indeed a very environmental idea and movement
-Helps clean the air at while being green

-The cost of the filter is bared by users, benefiting a common good

What a great idea to get purified air while smog free bicycle is used. A great idea and project for the environment. Awesome hunt.

This is so good, but who will pay those filters? i like the idea and hope this can be world wide, thank you very much for your hunt

This is what our country needs. We are country known to be polluted because of extreme car emissions on the street. With this, a nature friendly bicycle can change the pace of the world.

A bike that cleans the air around it is very healthy for a community as a whole. It improves the air we breathe in

A lot of carbon are emitted from conventional bike and to see a bike that has the ability to offer clean air is very impressive and useful

An idea that helps the environment, they integrate a filter on the bicycle to clean the air is amazing, I think they have to sell the filters to integrate any bicycle and not just theirs.

Nice find. A bike that will help to clean the air is a great idea. It won't solve the problem (actually reducing pollution in the first place will) but if it gains a market and grows it may make a contribution to cleaning up the air. I imagine that having cleaned air blowing on you while riding would be better than breathing in smog filled air.

This is soooo cool. With tech like this, there is no reason we can't fix the pollution problem we currently face. Exercise and clean the air at the same time. amazing

Amazing Hunt @josalarcon

Bicycle can clean the air pollution. As we know that air pollution being the serious problem at the urban areas. Have this bicycle will get two advantage, besides we get the healthy of our body and also can reduce the air pollution.

Love your Hunt 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Oh my God its really awesome.Its so helpfull for us and for our nature also new technology always bring new and good things for us.thanks for sharing this great hunt.keep it up..

Great idea. I like this trend of turning regular objects into air filters and other eco-friendly solutions. It would require a bit of work getting enough people to make the transition before it could really make a difference, but I think the effort would be worth it. Especially if you live in places where smog is a common event. I think the motivation would be there.

Smog Free Bicycle is a perfect product for the nature. We can keep environment cleaner by it. Great hunt.

This is weird though! But really an awesome thing to make our life just as fresh as the nature. :)

fantastic hunt I think Smog free bicycle is a best cycle around the world when we are traveling in this cycle air will be clean what a great logic and in this time air pollution is a biggest problem of the world ,using this smog free bicycle we can redusce air pollution

"SMOG FREE BICYCLE" is Extraordinary Hunt you created @josalarcon2.

amazing product you introduce here a "Bicycle that Clean the Air." this bicycle is made of recycled materials and developers trying to expand it. it is a great contribution to reduce the global warming.

its Design is made after inspired by the manta ray, a fish which filters water for food. The bicycle works in a similar way.

Smog free Bicycle may be one of the great solutions for polluted air. I hope they would be used more frequently. Great hunt.

Hi @ josalarcon2, a useful hunt.
The idea of putting a bicycle filter is very useful for a clean planet.
It would be even better if the filters were sold as accessories and if the current bicycle owners accepted the idea of air cleaning in this way.
The filter does not take up much space and does not mind the normal ride of the bike.
If all the bicycle owners set up this filter, the cleaning effect would not be negligible.
Everything should be backed up by some data such as the amount of air contaminated on the surface of 1 square kilometer and the amount of air that "cleanses" such bicycles.
This would give a picture of the purpose of the cleaner on bikes.

We have to do something more for the environment and nature, Smog Free Bicycle is one of them Great hunt.

This is a fantastic hunt for those of us who does a lot of cycling and now there is a filter we can put in the front of bike.Now cycling is clean. Cool hunt.

The idea is very innovative. But I am doubt about the effectiveness of this product. Because I think that the effect is not very big.

I never know there is any product (a bike) like this ever. A bike that can purify air is a such unique and wonderful one, mostly in the environment where is commonly polluted, this bike will be much useful there.

Coolest hunt today! How I wish there will be an ordinance in all countries to use this kind of bike twice or even once in a week, with that we can help lessen the pollution and also aid the global warming. Very well done to the inventors of this bike and also for you dear hunter! Keep hunting, I will give this a hunt a score of 5 out of 5.


It's a beautiful design SMOG Free Cycle, it filters the air. It is an environmentally friendly vehicle on which you can enjoy the atmosphere by riding. I think This is a great vehicle.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

This bike can helps air pollution in industrial countries such as my country, Jakarta. I hope my government can import it and ask people to use it.
Nice hunt, brother

This prototype is spectacular, friendly with the environment, if we all had one of these and use it a little every day, we would improve the planet a lot, is a great initiative, great.

I think everybody should have smog free bicycle instead of regular one. Great hunt.

We owe to the nature, because we polluted it too much. These should be more products like Smog Free Bicycle. Perfect hunt. Congratulations.

Though we humans are now striving for conquering space yet possibilities of life on those conquered spaces are still not known. So, we are still going to live on this planet earth. With huge waste material of chemicals and different types of pollutants, humans are suffering from severe fatal diseases and it's also bringing climate changes.

I'm going to share a detailed research article on this topic and before that I'm sharing some excerpts from it below:

In Lahore, where the situation was most critical, the level of PM2.5 – microscopic particles that lodge deep in the lungs – had dropped to 159 Wednesday from more than 1,000 during the pollution spike, according to Pakistan Air Quality, a citizen-driven monitoring initiative. But what looks good for Pakistan is still very bad: 159 is six times higher than the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) safe limit.

Rest you can read on this link:

There is also a detailed video included in the article that does a nice comparison about deaths caused by smog and militancy here in Pakistan.

Now talking about SMOG FREE BICYCLE, I think products like this are need of the hour and should be backed by governments otherwise our future is not safe at all. From exercise to adding positive impact on environment, this product is great and I would love to give it 10 on 10.

Great hunt @josalarcon2!

It makes me so happy to see eco-friendly products everyday. Smog Free Bicycle will be very useful for the nature. Awesome hunt.

Brilliant Hunt!
Smog Free Bicycle is incredibly awesome innovation to enjoy cleaner environment while cycling. During cycling more oxygen is needed and pollution free air is much needed in recent times. This prototype will surely be successful in upcoming time.

Wao this is very great and helpful hunt,Pollutions is a very big problem in every country,this bicycle clean the smog,and fresh air is coming,smog injures your health,smog injures your livers,smog injures your eyes,This bicycle is a great solution to save the smog,Very wonderful design of this bicycle, Very to handle this bicycle, Hopefully affordable price of this bike,Everyone like your awesome hunt, thanks for sharing.

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I always take care of the environment. I would like to have a smog free bicycle if I had a chance. Great hunt.

We all need fresh air especially cars are wasting it and even forests can not clean our air enough. If there is a product to help for clean air It mmust be used on more vechiles not only for bicycles. But for beginig, using it with bicycle is a good test. Great hunt

I like the idea that bicycle purifiers air by running. But if it runs fast, it seems to be ineffective for the user. Anyway it is awesome product.

Wow what can be better then a recycle product like a bicycle that can filter and clean the air. Honest to be this is a brilliant idea and i think it's a win-win solution for a better and cleaner planet and i do hope that more and more ideas like this will be embraced by the population... We do have the ability to make this world a better place!

Hey, @josalarcon2 you found smart and use full tecnologoy bike easy and effective to use overall great hunt

Very interesting idea, it can help somehow the problem of air pollution in the big cities, can enable people stop using cars and adopt a more healthy way of life!

Purifying air while carrying the rider on the go is a wonderment of the century. Absolutely great

The bicycle absorbs polluted air, cleans it and gives the rider clean air. This is great to contribute to nature.

Hello @josalarcon2

This is matter of worry for every sensible human being that our Earth is becoming polluted with every single passing moment. It is happening all over due to human activities. In a scenario like this SMOG FREE BICYCLE is a finest innovation to make the environment clean for the masses.

SMOG FREE BICYCLE is beautifully designed by inspiring the the manta ray. Wonderful methodology has been adopt to clear the air.

I am very much confident that with such steps we can gain the clean environment status all over the world to make it the place worth living for all and for the coming generations.

  • Great Hunt :)

Say what!?! The powers that be should be handing these out left and right to everyone around the mudball. It should be mandatory for all owners to ride at least one hour a day! Oh, wait...... that goes against the agenda! ;) Nice!

Waooo!, this is amazing hunt.
You can enjoy your Ride on the bicy and at the same time clean the environment.
SMOG FREE BICYCLE is a bicycle that purify the air itself .
Good job hunter @josalarcon2👍

keep it up and have more good Hunts💞💞

Smog filter seems like a portable product that we can place to every bicycle. However the bicycle is also made from recycled product and it makes thia product totally environmently friendly. If this filter help it can also be applied to cars so that effect becomes more. Thanks for this interesting hunt.

A very ecofriendly bicycle made by recycled materials and cleans the air.Imagine what will happen if all the people who have cars replace with this bicycle ? CLEAR PLANET!

What a great idea, there musb be more vechiles like this. We all deserve clean air and if this is a way for it i would like tell to everyone around me about this bicycle. I hope this feature can be also pluged to cars and other things. Thanks for this great hunt

Have a nice hunt @josalarcon2, this bike has a beautiful design. I love this bike and wanna to buy it, thanks for sharing.

wow great product men and more for countries where there is a lot of pollution by industries not only helps the environment but also you do sport on a bicycle great hunt

It sounds very interesting and also useful. But in these days, people generally don't use bicycle.

It's really a great invention to minimise environmental effects on human health.
Smog free bicycle is an outstanding effort to make things with recycled materials so that minimum waste is disposed in natural environment.
Good hunt!

This is an amazing Idea. It really gets me to want to buy a bike and ride my bike to work every day. My new job on 15 minutes driving so I believe that it would be about a 35-minute ride and with all the smog we have here in Los Angeles County. This would simply be amazing. Thanks for the great hunt @josalarcon2

This truly is a very much needed innovation for many countires with polluted air. The bike itself is also made from recycled material which is a major factor too. You presented us an amazing hunt @josalarcon2!

Our environment want this type of prodycts who can clean our air . And it can clean our envoirnment . People should use this type of bycycle that is not making pollution .

Since the great smog that happened back in 1952, it has been killing people year after year. The problem still continues. However, the good thing in this regard is the technological advancement that can be used to fight it. However, not much efforts have been put to combat it and that's why we see lots of diseases spreading in the times of smog and accidents of vehicles is another phenomenon linked with this problem. I'm very happy to see Smog Free Bicycle here at @steemhunt. This is excellent pick and I'd like to share it with the world around me. Good shot @josalarcon2!

Developments and improvements for environment are very important. Such a great project is Smog Free Bicycle. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful hunt.

Finally an intelligent way to kill smog. According to world bank, there are almost 2 billion bikes in the world. By cycling, we not stay fit but also avoid the consumption of harmful petrochemicals that eventually keeps our environment clean. Smog Free Bicycle is great innvoation. Epic Hunt @josalarcon2.

Some countries really need a solution for the pollution, I dunno if bikes will do the job but its a fairly good start. Nice hunt @josalarcon2

This bicycle promises a lot, when it comes to half hambiente, contribute to take care of it is already a contribution to the earth globe important for the life of the human being and the improvement of the quality of life, this was an excellent hunting, friend, I hope your next

What a bike like this! I've never come across this before. This will be so useful in a environment that is always polluted. It will clean the air to the fullest.

Amazing hunt

This is a great hunt @josalarcon2. This bicycle will be very much helpful to the community because it is purely ecological. I wish most of the people use this.

excellent hunting dear friend. If more people are aware of using this type of product, we will breathe a healthier air.

I love it! You not only don't pollute with it, you're helping reduce pollution.

Great hunt! Great for health and planet too

Great idea, not sure how effective it will be but it's a step in the right direction!


Future is so bright with this 1..

Wht a piece. This is awesome!

It's really a great invention to minimise environmental effects on human health.
Smog free bicycle is an outstanding effort to make things with recycled materials so that minimum waste is disposed in natural environment.
Good hunt!

Hi @josalarcon2,your post on bicycle which purifies the air is amazing and useful for this world as we are running out of clean air.Concept is very nice people should start using thing if they want to clean air around them,nice work.


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A bike that clean the air This is height of technology. I love this type of ideas.

This is awesome. I have seen a few of these prototypes around Shanghai as the Chinese government tackles the pollution problem. This is great innovation on many fronts, these public bikes allow the public cheap transportation and cleaning the air. Great air

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