Moleculix - e-Learning STEM Platform with 3D Animations

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e-Learning STEM Platform with 3D Animations



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Moleculix is an interactive and reactive learning platform that will facilitate the visualization of different topics related to chemistry, through animations and basic models with which children and young people can interact and practice their knowledge.

What stands out about this suite tool is that it combines with different real models of atoms and molecules to give even more realism and practicality to the animations and content related to chemistry.


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The pics don't look promising but i like the fact that this can help kids understand molecular structure of compounds in 3d. It can be very tough at times. This would also be useful for slightly older kids learning about carbon structures. Organic chemistry, something i found very difficult.

Moleculix comes with a molecule modeling software which claims to be intuitive and easy to use. Just throwing money at education can't buy these things. We should make the education system better. As a highschool dropout who actually did very well at school, I believe we need a massive paradigm shift in educations. Products like this are a part of it. We need to promote more interactive educational tools like this.

@josalarcon2, this is so cool. I wish I had this when I was learning chemistry and all these molecules. Now you can actually see all these in 3 D animations and not so boring. I really like this one. Great for students learning this so that things are not so theoretical. Great hunt.

E-learning is a one of method to reach to education. And ın recent years the most people prefer to e-learning systems to get education. Moleculix has different plus features that visualization is one of them. Thus everyone can get learning better with visualization such as 3D animations.

Moleculix is an excellent and interactive e learning platform with 3D animations that helps children and young people to get knowledge about chemistry.

Awesome product. A practical hands on way to teach children that is better than just having them reading from a book or a black board, if they had stuff like this when I was in school I probably would of paid attention in science class.

At least, theoretical knowledge will seem real to an extent with a 3D animation like this.

i am interested about STEM, but its hard to understand and i think this app can make it easier.

Data usage would be the disadvantage since it's in 3D. Again, that made it stood out! It will be clearly taught and easily understandable. I checked it out already and saw how amazing it is. It's great to try it out.

It has been really difficult to understand bondibg of molecules and atoms for me to understand and than taught to my students.but now this app is looking promising to help all chemistry students learning easily.I would have to check this app to learn more about it.nice hunt


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