In Our Boots - VR Immersive Real Inside Experience of the U.S Army

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In Our Boots

VR Immersive Real Inside Experience of the U.S Army



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There are hundreds of thousands of stories and tales about the military forces of the United States but the truth is that only those who have lived it first hand really know how it is in the army, however once again thanks to technology we can have a pinch of what it really feels like to be an American soldier, all through practical videos, interactive and immersive about missions, training and more.


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Good and innovative. Hope those people interest to know about army discipline, life style and training, they try to check this.

I've always imagined that the military would have the best ever VR, the have virtually unlimited recources to create the best tech. This vr would be great for anyone who would like to experience a war before they sign up to be in the military. Great hunt


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