Hyperloop VR - Experience SpaceX Travel Innovation on VR

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Hyperloop VR

Experience SpaceX Travel Innovation on VR



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At this moment there are still a few years left for the Hyperloop project of Space X to be fully launched, however with this app we will be able to experience in real-time and through a unique journey all that such an important innovation will bring with it.

This app will let us explore the operation of the Hyperloop train, as well as see the behavior of new technology as far as travel is concerned.




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I am in love with this product as it allow us to visit the space , at least give us how space look like and how things work there.

Out of all the companies in Silicon Valley, these Elon Musk involved companies seem to be the ones that are seriously pushing humanity forward into a real science fiction-esque future. We need to spread awareness of these real projects and VR is a great tool for that. Great Hunt!

Awesome ONe!
It is my dream to see the actual spaceX project and with the help of VR I can make it possible. It is damn good and definitely gonna give us immersive experience.
Thank you and Have a GooD daY!

Hello dear friend!
Traveling to space is always thrilling and amazing because we enter a world about which we are very little aware, only studied about it in books or just say that we enter a new world. Where the atmosphere is completely different from this earth. Where the amount of oxygen gravity etc. does not correspond to us. The application can definitely prove to be quite useful for science students.

This could be a training platform for those who wants to travel for real at space in the future. Elon Musk and the likes are working on commercial space travel, so could use this as a training ground before off to real space travel.

2 hunts in top 10 from the same person! That is a super achievement. All about immersive VR technologies. Brilliant. All hail alt account hunting champion. While hyperloop may take time to be ready, one can always experience it in vr today.

It is good product because through this app we can have experience of space travel. Great hunt.

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