Guardian S - Snake Robot for Inspection Tasks

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Guardian S

Snake Robot for Inspection Tasks



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Hunter's comment

Today I want to share with you a really useful and practical robot, it is Guardian S a robot designed in the shape of a snake that is able to cross any kind of scenarios and terrains since it has a mobility system that prevents it from getting stuck.

A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the Guardian ™ S robot is uniquely capable, cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 16 lbs. Source

This robot is basically an all-rounder turned into a snake since it has a built-in sensor system that facilitates its movement through all kinds of extreme conditions. It also has a camera system with a 360-degree vision that will allow us to capture all kinds of images. Another thing that I liked about this robot is that it can be programmed to perform any type of autonomous missions, besides that it is easily controlled thanks to the fact that it has remote control access.



Hunter: @josalarcon2

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Thats a unique robot built by Engineers out there. Its weird that it represents a snake, why would they probably build it when you are able you build a stick or a rubber stick to just inspect small and tight rooms? Probably just a toy and an experiment.

It is a robot that can perform tasks while walking through collapsed buildings or narrow gaps. I personally hope that these kinds of robots will be developed and used for humans. Also, I personally want to control these robots remotely.

Another unique robotics and in this case it is used for inspection. This could be a great tool in search and rescue mission since it can capture all kinds of images and the best thing is it can maneuver in all kinds of extreme condition. Job well done hunter! I will give this a score of 5 out of 5

Snakes has what it takes to move like its own and it's a great adoption incorporating it to the innovation and technology is a great avenue!

cool snake like looking robot, perfect for going through narrow space to inspect, can help earthquake victims, or other people who got stuck in places

Its new and nice invention in the robotic world, because the snake shape of robot can move in very narrow spaces and will fulfill the requirements.It has the ability to move and work in extreme conditions. Its a great hunt.

We see a lot of robots every day on this platform, but I've never seen a snake-designed robot before. Having a camera system and other features is very technological. GREAT HUNT ! :)

really a great robot for different task. What could be the prize to own it?. think i love the camera that was integrated in it.

I have approved it :)

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Guardian S Robot is an advanced robot robot designed in the form of a snake. Under any circumstances and the terrain is able to overcome. Robot's features are very advanced and beautiful. Many beautiful Hunter.

Probably one of the best robot design I have ever seen it really looks like a snake and it can be so useful for small places great hunt mate

It looks a little bit creepy but I guess will do the job. It can definitely go into small and tight spaces, and cracks. The camera also provide an 360 overview and this is a pro.

Impressive, a robot that by its design can be very useful in different tasks, is a snake robot, it has a built-in sensor system that facilitates its movement, a 360 degree vision camera, it can be programmed for autonomous missions, and it is easy handling since it uses remote control. I love this hunt


  • very impressive Snake-Robot technology
  • it can go over all kinds of terrain
  • it has a 360 degree surveillance camera
  • can be operated from remote
  • specialty Robot not for mass consumer market
  • expensive method for common tasks

Maybe a gift. You can only get to play games. I can't afford that just for that. Of course, this is not for the game is for civil servants. For example, a product that can be used during the earthquake. Thanks for hunt.

cool and great features of this product:

  • The main inspection and inspection tool.
  • has unique abilities.
  • Cost-effective and portable.
  • weighs about 16 lbs.

A great product that you can use in all difficult terrain. Great for search and rescue teams. The increase of such products is very useful for us. Cool product.

Awesome and freaky at the same time:) Very unique robot to search stuff with. @josalarcon2 congrats on a great hunt!

Snakes are always sneaky...this design is no doubt make this robot to navigate extreme conditions and catch people (most likely the enemies) unaware, perfect for tactical and spy mission.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

every day the robots impress me more, this is programmable pair that can give tour and surveillance thanks to its didactic design can go through where you do not imagine it

Although the design isn't pretty, the robot is very useful. It can be used it the forest to check the behaviours of the animals. I can put it in my garden for inspection.

Every day technology invention new things. This is very useful for different task this design is very cool
Great Hunter

Robots become part of our life day by day and they are helpful for the people. Guardian S looks like a great inspection robot. Great hunt.

Truly great find, it looks more like a belt to me than a snake, but the good thing I like about it is the capability to pass through narrow culverts. It is a fantastic thing to keep humans safe in compromised areas and not just that can be a great addon to routine inspections...

Most developers are using some animal moves on their products and now we are seeing here a snake moves. Normally I can't stand to see it bt with this product we see how useful it is. It can reasch difficult places. Nice hunt.

There are many natural disasters and it causes bad stiuations. In such moments this product can save many lifes. Great innovation

Watching its moves suprises me a lot. The producer did great job with it. It can reach eveywhere. Nice product.

After readind the title I thought it just moves like snake on the ground but this one does more than that with climbing the trap and going on the irregular rocks. They produced great thing and will be useful for many stiuations. Thanks

Nice Hunt! The Robots Technology are Getting Advanced day by day and the number of Robotics products are increasing. Guardian is an awesome snake shape Robot for performing Task Having a 360 Degree Rotating Camera To capture in 360 angles. However thanks for sharing a nice Hunt Good Luck

Looks nice to the eye, but I think it's an unnecessary robot. It depends on what purpose you use. Personally, I don't need that. It is so good product to use under the destroyed buildings. thanks for the sharing.

It catches my attention because it can be used later incorporating data, to be used in rescue tasks this great good hunting

Although I hate snakes.. it's portrayed function here marvels me .. indeed a great hunt

Inspection tool.

A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the Guardian ™ S robot is uniquely capable, cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 16 lbs

Well done hunter!!!


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Super hunt.
This snake robot can seek into places where others can't...
An engineering marvel.

wooow . This robot can have endless practical uses to reach those places of difficult access, I love the idea. keep hunting, thanks for sharing

Great hunt @josalarcon2

A very lightweight and customizable robot that you can use in difficult terrain. Very easy to carry, designed for use in all difficult conditions. This robot will make your life easier and prevent injuries. It can be used in rescue operations in natural disaster.