Gameband - The First Smartwatch for Gamers

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The First Smartwatch for Gamers



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The Gameband smartwatch is taking the burgeoning piece of tech in a different direction. While the wristband offers many standard smartwatch features like music, notifications, a calendar, and a step counter, its key feature is that it gives users a slate of watch-optimized games.

Though the wrist provides relatively limited surface area for gaming, the Gameband smartwatch's titles need little space. That's because it offers classic Atari games like Pong, Crystal Castles, and Asteroids. Since these games have 8-bit graphics and simple interfaces, they're compact enough to play on a smartwatch comfortably. In total, there will be 20 mini games on the watch.


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This is an awesome smart watch with super lovely specifications. Love the fact that users can utilize it to play variety of games


Just love this smartwatch as it can be used as a wearable gaming console with super fun atari games.

This product will be a boon to mobile gamers. Gaming market has one of the biggest potential and smart watches enabled with gaming capabilities can make a killing of this market.

It is a fashion design of the watch with awesome features that you can try like listening to music. It can also connect in most apps that are available for connecting. I love this watch

Have a witness !BEER

I love playing games and this smartwatch is pretty awesome with a lot of amazing features.
Nice hunting

Gameband now facilitates on the wrist gaming. Gaming addicts will swear by it.
Interesting Hunt. @josalarcon2
Thank you! 🙏

Congratulations to all gamers. Now the love for game can be more secure in respect of time. Runners will love to have it because it's very smart on hand and also it's cool features are nice


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