FireBee - Power tower that generates electricity from heat

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Power tower that generates electricity from heat



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Today I bring you a very practical product that takes full advantage of the energy generated from heat to transform it into electricity, it is FireBee a thermoelectric generator with which we can recharge any of our devices.

The best thing about this gadget is that it can generate enough electrical energy even to feed a small cabin or camp, which makes it's very practical for those who enjoy the outdoors.

The FireBee has two outputs: a USB 5V 2A charging port, and a 12V 125mA wire terminal for trickle charging 12V batteries. More heat means more USB charging power.

You can buy this cool gadget for just 159$ here:



Hunter: @josalarcon2

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A generator that generates energy from a light with a simple idea. We have a thermoelectric generator that we can charge any device. Overall the properties are as good as a product of love. Thanks

I've seen something like this before. Published on this platform. Projects that are sensitive to nature and support the future of the world. I like this kind of products. A hunt that offers a practical solution.

Findings of products like this that should be important, are useful in everyday life so as not to depend on large companies for resources, enough for the needs of small cabin electric power.
Keep hunting

Another find that helps to save on energy. Turning what is around us into power. This is what the world needs.

Great hunt.

Great hunt man

A simple stirling-engine. Just smaller :D
Thanks for this hunt!

Transforms energy generated from heat into electricity?? Oh wow, that's wonderful..

Nice hunt, hunt on great hunter.


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