Compass Q2 - All-Terrain Robot with Inflatable Omni-Directional Wheels

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Compass Q2

All-Terrain Robot with Inflatable Omni-Directional Wheels



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Compass Q2 is an all-terrain robot designed for maintenance, exploration and some IoT development projects that have the incredible ability to move smoothly in all directions thanks to its system of omnidirectional wheels that are inflatable and can be transported very easily in addition to being super resistant.


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I wonder when they will come up with omnidirectional wheels for cars.

That would be interesting :)

Many of the robots I've seen IRL are not all that great on various terrain. They work well on exhibitions floors. Practical robot usage is more demanding. If we want to use bots for stuff that are deemed risky for humans we need robots than can handle all sorts of environments.

Omni-Directional Wheels gives a lot of flexibility to the movement. The problem is that the size is a little small for heavy work. But I guess things can be scaled up without major problems. Cool Hunt :)

This is pretty awesome. I have never seen anything quite like it before. I like the idea that you can pretty much go in any direction. The only thing it needs now is the ability to go on water like a boat too. That would be awesome if it were an amphibious vehicle. I wonder if they can build something on a larger scale than this for the military. Nice hunt!


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