iMow - Fast, intelligent and efficient robotic mower

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Fast, intelligent and efficient robotic mower



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Aren't you tired of using your lawn mower the traditional way? I mean, walking through a tiresome sun or not doing the things you like because you don't have time due to you have to mow. If that's so, rest assured you don't have to anymore.

iMow is a robotic mower which is really clever and effective when it comes to mow the lawn, thanks to its original features. Save time while iMow does it all for you, and set it up according to your needs via its App or manually. It also has a GPS to locate it in case it get lost.

It works in large areas and can cover 500 m² in just 10 hours a week.


  • Independent fertilising.
  • Motor restart inhibitor.
  • Integration of weather forecast.
  • GPS localisation.
  • Zone management.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Interference-free signal.




Hunter: @jonsnow1983

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Hey nice to see your this amazing hunt.this amazing robotic small car help lot people.that's really.awesome..I like so much your hunt. Thanks.for sharing this great hunt.keep it.up.

Wow. This is such a sleek looking lawn mower! Technology seems to be making everything we dream of come to life. Love it


Thanks for your comment.

this is the better product than mine @jonsnow1983, i decided to let your rank higher XD (joke).

Seriously, this is a complete robot.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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Elegant design and quite useful. Excellence in technology and outstanding durability and above all, a world of convenience. It would not be wrong to say, "This is the beginning of a new era for the mower technology."


Welcome & well wishes for your future hunts.

Most lovable iMow

This little cute and Amazing robot looks very beautiful. It's in a good design, it's fast, intelligent and efficient robot, it has a lot of great features.

Awesome hunt! best of luck


No more sun ...

No more hours cutting the annoying grass ...

Now I will go to bed and leave everything for iMow, a precise care of the lawn in a very short time.

Pick up the trash and everything?


Lets go champ!

I'm pretty sure there are people who don't have lawns just because they don't want to have to mow them so this device will probably be a huge success. My only concern is how well it can distinguish grass from other things (squirrels, iguanas etc). It says it avoids obstacles but I'm curious as to what obstacles might be small enough to not be avoided. Good hunt though!


Good question, maybe the product eats them lol!

Well spending hours in the garden pushing a lawn mower around is no doubt a frustrating and time consuming process it's nice to see a robotic mower that once programmed will mow the lawn automatically, avoiding obstacles and works in hilly terrain too. Great Hunt.

Hi, @jonsnow1983 you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • WOW! I like the color green for some reason this robotic mower it's look like small.
  • The iMow is powered by self-charging lithium-ion batteries.
  • You can program the iMow anytime ultra quite and can also mow at night which is pretty impressive.

Great hunt! ☺☺


Thanks bro, your insight is really appreciated it!

Excellent option to mow the lawn, while you are at home loosening like a bum, hahaha. Has interesting innovative features, several of them, as well as a beautiful design and pleasing to the eye, the best of all? THE GPS IT HAS IN CASE OF LOSS! Oh, my goodness.

Good Hunt, haha.


hahahah "like a bum" you couldn't have said it any better.

awesome! A robot that helps us do some mows. This would help save time and human stress. With this one can focus on another thing while the robot does it work. Nice hunt!


Thanks mate!

This is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their old lawn mowers. I like it when more and more traditionally "dumb" products get connected to the IoT. It just goes to show the endless applications of connecting our devices in ways that can make our lives easier. It's "independent fertilising" feature is also worth mentioning. It's a good addon to the regular mower.

I live in a garden house and from time to time I can not find time to mow the grass because of the intensity of my work. It was great for me, and the features are pretty good. AMAZING HUNT :)

iMow your friend lawn mower covers 500 square meters with your app you can program it to set the cut pattern of your garden and if you do not have a smart cell phone you can do it manually your daily tasks will be more fun with this gdgets

This product is an intelligent lawnmower. There's integration for weather stiuations. You can adjust the working hours accordingly. It provides an interference-free signal for checking. A product equipped with good features.

This is not the right choice if the grass in our house is rocky and not flat, or maybe this tool can identify stones so they can dodge them? By the way, cool hunt.

Wow this thing is so cool!!
This is so great. You can mow your lawn without any trouble at all. I want one. Imow is so amazing!!!!!
Awesome hunt good luck!

Great Hunt...

It looks cute and elegant...Magnificently crafted for beautiful lawn.

It's a really different lawn mower. With today's technology, a new product has emerged. It allows you to save time. So you can differentiate between different tasks. Nice machine.

Nice Hunt! IMow is a cool and unique product with an awesome feature to save your precious time. Thanks for your great hunt

GPS localisation shows that this product is meant for huge areas like golf field or maybe football field. I have a garden but not that much big but if the price was a fit affordable i could think to buy it. Thanks for sharing

If you have a large garden and you don't have much time to control it than this product can be your favorite thing. Its a bit expensive but it will save much time and work. It has good features so can be bought if necessary. Thanks

This product is not suitable for small gardens. It will usually work ideally in areas such as a golf course or a hotel garden. It will reduce the workload and reduce the costs. Nice product, thanks.

imow looks like a great robot and I also liked its color very much. Thanks for sharing.

Lawn mowing is no longer a tedious task. It is a wonderful feature that runs 10 hours a week and organizes a 500 m² area. People will now be able to do more with less work. Cool hunt.

Great hunt @jonsnow1983 i love the fact that this robotic mower equipted with GPS in case it lost. Clearing big area would be easy, all you have to do is set it up according to our needs via an App or do it manually.

This thing looks so cool. I can't believe it has taken us this long to build one. The robot vacuum looks very similar to this. I just hope the sensors in this thing are accurate or else moms flower garden might not be safe. Great hunt

thanks to the imow.irelax and let the robot take over the lawn Great hunt @jonsnow1983

Working in the garden is my hobby but for large areas its indeed difficult and you need help with it. Now for large ares this product can be a good help. It working time is great. You wil always have the best garden ever.

It is an intelligent machine that can fertilize independently. It doesn't make disturbing noises . With punctual GPS technology, you can easily find it. A useful share for gardeners.

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful

  • It works independently.

  • It has an app. which is used to customize it according to your choice.

Thanks for posting on steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Nice Hunt,


  • Nice Designed, grass clipping machine
  • Cover 500m2 in 10 hours
  • Simple Handling
  • C models can be controlled using smartphone


  • None

Yet another thing to make it more easy our daily life. The independent future is a great one. And those other ones are a pro. An app, GPS location, weather forecast. Pretty advanced.

A very useful robot to cut the grass, but what would happen if in a given case in the grass there is a stone or something similar? Will the robot ruin that? Anyway, a great hunting, I have given you my vote, greetings ..

Great hunt!!
I like the fact that you can control this robotic lawn mower via smartphone!

Hello @ jonsnow1983, your search has been great. I am surprised by this robot, it is very easy to use, it is only configured and ready to cut grass, also its GPS function, zone management and integration of the weather forecast make it unique. Thanks for sharing this great hunt, Greetings !!


It is, right?

This lawn mower robot loved it, I want to have it in my house right now, I imagine the great help that I will have, great hunting

What a great robot you displayed here today. The robot is useful and efficient when it comes to mow and lawn

very interesting hunt, because with this lawn mower we can save the cumbersome work of working in our garden, always my wife is telling me that I should mow the lawn and I always wait for the last moment or I am looking to pay someone to do it, with Mow I have the problem solved, it can be configured manually, it can be easily located since it has integrated gps. excellent very good

I would love one of these, my lawn is nasty to mow. Any idea on price @jonsnow1983? They are not available in Australia is seems, I couldn't find a stockist here. Still, a great product, nice find.

a promising innovation taht really helps. It just didn't lessen the hard work, It also is entertaining just looking its cute modern design roaming around your lawn. :D

This looks like it could endanger the livelihood of young entrepreneurs forever. Man I wiish something like this was around back when I was a kid, I hated cutting the lawn. Great hunt


You are on the @abusereports blacklist and have been flagged. Enjoy the !popcorn.

This is really good product. I think it's user is most of the science student. i love it so much. Are you like it?

Looks like good tech, but I'm kinda torn about whether I'd like to use it, or not.

Yes, it'd be great to 'set it and fotget it' - one less job to worry about. But, there's something satisfying about mowing the lawn, and it's one of those tasks which helps me think.

When you're doing something "mindless" and repetative, your sub-conscious has time to step-in and work on the things your conscious mind has been busy on. There's also the "white noise" of the mower engine too. It's similar to why you get so many A HA! moments in the shower.


I was actually thinking about the same when making the review. There's some kind of magic about mowing the lawn by oneself. Cheers mate!

This Fast, intelligent and efficient robotic mower is look so beautifil. Great features. Great fesign. Great hunt

I'm imagining it like a big automatic smart vacuum cleaner. 😊 nice hunt!

Wow! its so wonderful stylish imow and its work so beautifully that's sound great. Thanks again for your nice hunting

This is very helpful thing for those very busy people. You can save time and energy as well.

Great Hunt

Here is my opinion-
Your hunt is really good and I am very interested in learning about Robotics. iMow is a compact and a feature robot.
You are doing great Keep it up.
Thank you :-)

I wish I could have this intelligent and fast mower to save time and energy. This is cute and looks fully equipped with all the necessary features. Excellent hunt @jonsnow1983.

Nice product. It has good features such as regional management, air integration and GPS. Visually there is a green design. Good luck.


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