Pi Projector - Raspberry Pi Pocket Projector

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Pi Projector

Raspberry Pi Pocket Projector



Hunter's comment

This amazing and affordable little contraption invented by MickMake, allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a pocket projector.
The link I provided will allow you to buy the parts you need, contains an instructional video to build it yourself, and MickMake also provides the source code, documentation and design files for the projector.
This is an awesome product for the DIY crowd.
Build your own Digital Mirroring Device today!




Hunter: @jonny-clearwater


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Looks really simple, yet helpful. What I really like is that you can assemble it yourself, so learning + a great product.


I love that the guy designed cards that are super affordable too. Such a neat project to share and test out steem hunt for the first time too. Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks so much.
This was my first hunt!

What else could the user request, small, portable, light, and you can carry it in your pocket.
To that add a good resolution.
I loved this product, I never saw one with these characteristics and that you can build it by yourself.
Exelent hunt


When I found it I thought what a great opportunity to try @steemhunt for the 1st time!


Oh you're new, I just saw it.
Welcome .. !!

It's an incredibly small size pocket projector. At a really affordable price. The company also provides source code, documentation and design files for the projector. A beautiful hunt.


I loved that everything you needed was right there, including an instructional video.
Thanks for your comment

I love MickMake videos on youtube. He is a brilliant engineer and educater. Very useful product and mostly open source. Great Hunt!


I never heard of him honestly. I was just web surfing and came across it. Thought it would be cool to share with the community!


I advice you to follow him on youtube or in other platforms he is in. He also has a sense of humor. He is mostly making videos on single board computers. Very helpful he is. Again great hunt bravo!

I can see this being a feature on Smartphones to come in the near future, once batteries increase their capacities. I think the Moto Z already had an add on projector.

Hi, this is @fyrstikken manually upvoting you from the @booster account. I like this product, I knew micro-projectors existed, but not like that.


Thanks so much for your support @fyrstikken
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Thanks so much for your support @fyrstikken

Thank you for finding nifty products I have never seen before. That thing looks really cool as a smart-projector. With a box around and a touch display for settings, I have no problem seeing this as shelfware soon.

I happen to vote for your witness @fyrst-witness also

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I assume they can look at wallet transactions and see that vote was not paid for.

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I heard about Fiesta...hoping I can make it!


awesome, see you there :)


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Lol...when you make your living on this blockchain..the upvote amount always matters...this is how i feed my family


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That's really cool! I can see a ton of interesting use cases that you can add to a Pi project with this. For instance what a sweet way to make a portable media center. I might have to order one myself.

Hello @jonny-clearwater,

Here is my review about Pi Projector


  • Pi Projector allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a pocket projector
  • It also provides the source code
  • It provides the documentation and design files for the projector
  • It is an innovation in this field to get the precise results from the projector to enhance the cinematography in the cinemas
  • Quite simple and very easy to use
  • No complexities are involved at all


  • None for it

Overall it is an awesome product, Great Hunt :)


Nice review!
So glad I found this and had a reason to try Steem Hunt for the 1st time!

Nice mini stuff ... here we see what could happens in future...

Be welcome in the Future right now...

This is really cool! I can't wait to see mini projectors added to our cellular devices. I love living in the future!

This is an interesting little gadget.


Great Hunt
Pi Projector allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a pocket projector
It also provides the source code

I am interested in photography and visualision by Pi Projector would be great. Perfect hunt.


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Super cool! Could see it being used at music shows to project visualizations for the performer.

What a nice product there. Going to do some research about it :3

This amazing aspect

This is really great, might have to make one myself!

I think this is a cool use of Pi pff to check it out