Doctor Kids - an educational game and you feel like a doctor

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Doctor Kids

an educational game and you feel like a doctor





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Are you believe you can become a doctor?
This educational game is like you can be a doctor and take care of children in a child's hospital. You can heal them and restore the smiles on their faces. These kids depend on you!

Children come to the clinic, get hurt or suffer from various illnesses, and they need your help to get better. When you enroll these little patients into the right doctor's room, you can have fun playing various interactive mini-games and heal the children quickly.

It is a chance to taste your life like a doctor and decide if you want to solve this challenge.

• child-friendly content (nonviolence, zombies or fear)
• beautiful high quality HD graphics
• intuitive, easy to use
• unlimited games with various combinations
• a wide range of patients with varied clothing
• The game offers 7 unique hospital parts: dental care, eye examination, vaccinations, laboratory tests and X-rays, ambulances with emergency units, ear doctors
• including 7 thematic mini themes
• various colors of plaster, bandages, braces, sunglasses and flavor of syrup

Game is available in languages and has in-app free is which some fun tool to learn fast.

I share an interesting visual about this product, enjoy!

I do hope you find some value in the product. Feel free to share your thoughts below in comments about the product if you have tried it out.



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